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on Dec 18, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I am Kapil Gupta, one of the Founders of OMLogic Consulting, and I welcome you to OMLogic’s corporate blog. I will be boring you with all the exciting stuff that goes on at OMLogic.

We are a bunch of very dedicated people who come from diverse background and got into the business of providing online marketing services. We understand “Online Behavior and excel in “Taking Businesses Online” …


I know, I know.. Most of you are thinking that this info is available on our website, why the heck do we put it on our Blog..

I got it, and will stop.

I will start this blog by introducing our team, you can read all the boring stuff about us on our website (Our People), I will only talk about the interesting stuff here. We have 1 Suresh, 2 Kapil’s and 1 Pradeep:

Suresh Arora: Think before you act. You should know the next 10 steps before you embark on a journey.

Kapil Nakra: How will I know the next 10 steps till I don’t take the 1st step. Let me just dip my feet in water, and feel it. But wait. Before you go, make sure you don’t end up making a small company. I only want to make a big company. STOP.. Lets think more !!

Kapil Gupta: Boring.. Lets just move. You wanna plan, go plan.. You wanna move, go move.. Just don’t bore me.

Pradeep Chopra: These guys will just keep talking.. Endlessly. I got work to do.
While you guys finish your discussions and arguments I will get couple of clients and come back.

In the next post, I will talk about how we started OMLogic.. Keep coming, and keep the comments going..

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