Potluck Day 4: Tech Edition - Debugging the Code and Spicing Up the Culture

For the finale of the OMLogic Potluck Palooza, it was time to bring the firewalls down and replace the algorithms. Yes, it was the Tech Team’s turn!
on Jan 01, 2024
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For the finale of the OMLogic Potluck Palooza, it was time to bring the firewalls down and replace the algorithms with mouth-watering north-Indian recipes. Yes, it was the Tech Team’s turn! This year, we traded in our usual binary banter for a buffet of shared stories, laughter, and, let's be honest, some seriously epic culinary creations.

Our conversations were as diverse as the dishes. The table donned some public favorites: from biryani, chaap, to ras malai, it’s safe to say everyone was busy just eating for the first 15 minutes. It was time to get to chatting after we savored the flavors. One of the most exciting parts of the afternoon was hearing how the team, led by Sumit, has transformed the way they work. 

We discussed how embracing new technologies has revamped our processes, boosted efficiency, and even sparked some creative problem-solving. It was inspiring to see how our "tech twist" on things is not just making our lives easier but also driving positive change within the agency. The development of the Solh app and its continuous upgrades and growth is one of the standing proofs of how efficient and talented our team is.

Of course, no OMLogic potluck is complete without a healthy dose of shop talk. Our CEO, Kapil Gupta, delved into the trenches of our daily grind, sharing both triumphs and tribulations. We talked about the roadblocks we faced, the late-night debugging sessions, and the moments of pure "Eureka!" when a complex problem finally clicked.

But the conversation wasn't just about the past. We got real about the future, brainstorming ways to improve our workflow, streamline processes, and ultimately, build better programs. The air crackled with excitement as we discussed the future of the Solh app and how we can continue to make innovative tech-enabled mental health solutions, and positively impact millions of people around the globe. 

As the laughter subsided and the last bit of chicken was devoured, one thing was clear: the OMLogic tech team is a force to be reckoned with. We're passionate, we're innovative, and we're not afraid to push boundaries. 

So, that might be it for the 2023 edition of the OMLogic Potluck Palooza, but we look forward to the next chapter of our journey. Our smaller teams of 4 make up the force that is OMLogic and we’re sure to continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, one line of code, creativity and can of coke at a time.

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