10+ Ways We Create Happiness

on Sep 26, 2019
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Happiness is one of our key 5 values. It is at the core of what we are as a company. It is what brings us back to work every day. This is why most of our ex-employees say “The new office is well an office, OMLogic was home.”

  1. Flat Organization: It’s become a cliché for everyone to sound cool. But we don’t just say it, we do it. Everybody’s point of view is heard and valued, no matter how senior or junior.
  2. Single hall seating: We all sit in one hall, no matter what designation. We give the corner seats (corners in the aisle) to the quiet workers who like to work more. Not to the seniors who think they have earned it. The seniors sit in the centre places to guide and work with the team.
  3. Health and health-related stuff: Health is an ongoing talk at OMLogic. We don’t just talk. We do it all. The details of what all falls in our health-kit, you may read it here: https://bit.ly/2n5Zy8D
  4. We don’t get upset: Sure, we have our sour moments, but as a rule, we don’t feel bad. The phrase “All in good fun” is what we all live by. You can abuse, you can be witty, you can even be caustic – all in good fun!
  5. Support, support and support: We have superbly well created a culture where people are more supportive and less competitive. Everyone is surely looking to grow as fast as they can, but our internal system along with our appraisal process ensures one’s growth is not by standing on the head of someone else.
  6. Do you have a gym: To fit something, all you need is a big heart. With that in mind, we put in a fully functional gym at our office. We even have our own set of homegrown trainers who keep you on schedule and entertained. They charge in kind and not cash!
  7. Zumba, running, cycling – events galore: And we do them all as a team. We even integrate some of these with our customers. The best thing, what keeps them coming is that we are stingy, we do these with little to no budget and keep our focus straight – having fun!
  8. Our own irreverent non-aligned movement: We have absolutely no political, religious, cultural, national and other beliefs. Our only commitment is to our ethics and our fun. Rest all are considered as passing sources of entertainment.
  9. We are owned fully by the people in the company: As we say, no hawks or investors. Which means we do things to optimize for our customers and our employees. We very rarely need to do things we don’t like.
  10. Food all day: The people who love us as much as our employees and customers are the restaurants nearby and food delivery service. 10-12 for breakfast, 12:30-2:30 for lunch, 3-5 for the evening snack and 5:30 onwards for people who work late and of course late night for those who don’t wanna eat at home, it’s an ongoing party all day, every day!
  11. Fun while you work: Creative campaigns, innovations and planning. We try to be loud in the aisles at times and involve as many people as possible in our thinking. Sure, it’s sometimes unproductive, but that’s our investment to ensure our creative juices flow better. We call it “Premium agency culture”.
  12. The betting culture: You can bet on anything from someone’s office timing to India’s world cup schedule to gym schedules. Betting is big at OMLogic and the stakes could be money to food to something really stupid. The loser pays – just that the winnings are shared by the team.
  13. Nothing gets us embarrassed and no conversation is barred: And we really mean nothing. We are a bunch of obtrusive, aggressive, passionate people you don’t wanna mess up with. We are the pack that is always in harmony with us. If you are not us, just don’t mess!
  14. Party like only we can: OMLogic parties are known to be legendary. There is the big one on 1st October every year, the annual events (Independence Day, New Year’s, Diwali, etc.) but there are these amazing Friday evenings and other evenings when we just order beer, little to no food, turn our big-ass speakers with karaoke on and move to the tunes. Some of these can get a bit wild and they need no planning.
  15. Women empowerment – Oh it’s fun: We are an unequal opportunity company (women dominating with 50.01% force) and we love talking about women empowerment. Our favourite pastime is to call out the pseudo feminists (which most are).
  16. Then there is politics and political social media: Being as involved as we are in political social media and being as unaligned with any party or players as we are, we have interesting discussions. And yes, we are talking about global politics. Never miss an opportunity if you get one.
  17. And we have a video of our CEO chasing a rat. No kidding! You can watch it here: https://bit.ly/2n4zoTK

The most amazing part of this fun is the involvement and leadership of our CEO in all of this. In his own words, his job profile is to be an entertainer, a bakchod and someone who keeps everyone ‘Always On’. In his pastime, he heads Strategy and Business Development for OMLogic.

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