Building business and bonds: It's Potluck time with the Products Team on Day 3!

They say the third time's a charm, and it sure is as we wrapped up Day 3 of the OMLogic Potluck along with the Products team!
on Dec 28, 2023
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They say the third time's a charm, and it sure is as we wrapped up Day 3 of the OMLogic Potluck along with the Products team! Between the usual packed schedule of the team (this is the team that also takes care of all the offline live events!), this mughlai-themed lunch brought a breath of fresh air and the aroma of home-cooked delights. 

There's an agency side of OMLogic with dynamic clients and deadlines, and then there are our products that play a huge part in forming our identity. We've heard about Solh Wellness, Frontlist, PVLF and their continuous evolutions, but the products team led by Navita is the one that makes that happen. The potluck wasn't just about food (although the biryani was genuinely life-changing). It was also about peeling back the metaphorical and literal layers of our team's behind-the-scenes.

We dug into the heart of what makes us tick - our products. The problems we face, the dreams we chase, and the roadblocks we navigate are all laid bare on a table filled with purani dilli delicacies. Our CEO, Kapil Gupta, was now our fellow foodie, offering insights seasoned with experience. He converted the team's concerns into solutions, giving tips on how to streamline the workflow better and create systems that can prevent setbacks. 

We discussed the past and future vision for our products, which not only solved problems but also gave a better idea of what more could be done in the coming year. We dreamt of various features and methods that would transform the lives of millions with innovative mental health solutions and take the publishing industry to whole new heights. 

Amidst all this, the godfather of all these products, 'OMLogic,' was also discussed. Our culture sometimes scare, or the right word would be 'confuse' the people, but in reality, OML is an acquired taste where along with all the mauj and masti, the screams and aggression also happen because we care, aiming for the ultimate goal of wanting the best for both for the employees and the clients so, like it or not but the timely tussle and disagreements over work is essential for us to keep going and growing. 

And amidst the brainstorming and butter chicken, we faced the elephants in the room. We spoke of personal frustrations, processes that choked innovation, and communication gaps, essentially the reality of all product businesses. But the openness, the shared space, enabled a sense of understanding, a feeling that we were together. We understood how productive and transparent communication can make the workflow easier and effective, leaving no scope for mistakes and delays. 

We laughed till our sides ached at inside jokes and anecdotes. And as we witnessed the rapidly disappearing food from the plates but the never-ending conversation, the potluck came to an end, leaving us with full bellies and even fuller hearts.

Now onto the final part of OMLogic's Potluck Palooza: Day 4 with the Tech team! Stay tuned!


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