10+ Things We Only Do At OMLogic

on Sep 27, 2019
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If you are here, we are sure you know that OMLogic is a pretty unique setup. We do things zaraa hatke. Some of these lead to the culture and happiness that largely defines us all in the company. Here are some examples of things you may not get to see elsewhere.

  1. Let’s start with a controversial one: Ladke taadna in meetings and interviews. Yes, we have our own version of gender bias and objectification. Like everything else, it’s the reverse of what you usually see. Girls recommend to HR or BD to take onboard a specific lead based on how the boys there look. We have had girls come out of meeting screaming “haaaye kitna cute hai!”
  2. A big ethical one: We do not, and I mean DO NOT pay bribes or practice anything unethical. Our books, our approach, our focus is razor-sharp. While it’s usually a recipe to reduce catchment, for us, this branding is one of our real growth & trust factors (both for employees and customers).
  3. A courageous one: Most companies do testimonials, with customers and employees alike. We were the first ones that did a testimonial campaign called “what do our exes (the ex-employees) say?”
  4. Dress code: We have absolutely no dress code. On a normal day, summer or winter, our boss could be seen wearing a t-shirt, shorts and chappals around the office!
  5. Matter of policy & passion: 10 years and never ever a salary delay. The worst has been salary coming on 4th morning instead of 3rd due to some bank/document glitch. For a company which never took any funding, we think it’s pretty amazing!
  6. Employee focus: Our belief on employees and our assertion that it’s a question of fitment, not necessarily skills. This is shown in our frequency of rehirings…not to mention the number of times we politely say NO!
  7. Trust: We develop an unflinching trust with our customers most of the times. We have had a customer who fired us, then refer us to a friend saying he couldn’t fully utilize our skills, but we are perfect experts for him. One of our customers is now a Director and partner; and spends an enormous amount of time helping us grow.
  8. Empathy: The number of doctor-visits our CEO has done with employees suffering from something or the other, including a therapist because the employee wanted him there.
  9. Creating Excellence: Telling a stressed ready-to-quit employee to chill for a month during her notice period, work with zero pressure and then reassess. She comes back in 20 days, takes her resignation back and grows to a CS in 2 years.
  10. Matter of concern: For an employee that threw her back, the boss used to travel to the office on a bicycle every day, while the boss's driver brought the car and the employee after her therapy. Personal health, employee satisfaction and what not. In matters of concern, we like to be extra concerned.
  11. Our patience: We sincerely believe that people have a right to have bad days, weeks, sometimes months. They go through a bad form like in cricket. And we are always there to support. From haramkhori to aashiqui to badtameezee. From power naps to power couple; the number of times we just stand with our employees till they get back to their best.
  12. Speed of decision making: We have literally hired people in the first half who have begun work in the second half. We like to work at the speed of light in almost everything. ‘Let me go back and think about it’ is usually not something we practice. We don’t say it at the outset, but most of the times, we have already thought-through!

If you wanna know more of what keeps us going, staying true to these values, read the other blogs where we talk of things we do for health and how we create fun at OMLogic.

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