Potluck Party: Day 1, Content & Creative Crew Cooks Up a Feast

While excelling in showcasing creativity in designs and content, the Content & Creative Squad came up with their exquisite dishes on OMLogic
on Dec 26, 2023
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While excelling in showcasing creativity in designs and content, the Content & Creative Squad came up with their exquisite dishes on OMLogic Day 1 with a pinch of innovation and a whole lot of cuisines that were toothsome (and worth stealing recipes for!).

Day 1 was a flavour explosion so epic, it should have its own drool emoji, tbh. Our fearless leader, Navita Ma'am, ditched the keyboard for a whisk, turning the office into a kitchen coliseum where words and spices battled for bragging rights (aka, lunch).

It was the mountains of different cuisines, from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, whispering secrets of crispy perfection. The rara chicken was smoother than a love song rewrite, and the paneer lababdar could cure writer's block faster than a triple espresso. The air crackled with the sizzling symphony of spices and the clinking of laughter (and maybe a few spoons—no judging here).

The entire senior management couldn't resist peeking at the culinary carnage. But this wasn't just about stuffing our faces (although, let's be real, that was a major perk). This was about getting real. We brainstormed over butter chicken, strategized around spring rolls, and bonded over burnt offerings (hey, even unicorns have bad bagel days).

We spilled the tea on all the work stuff that bugged us, like that stubborn computer who keeps getting shut in the middle of the work or the client who wouldn't stop asking for revisions (we feel you!).

We daydreamed about epic plans for next year, like wiser strategies for all clients, managing work effectively that might make the team go crazy as PVLF is approaching, and more apt schedules for the weekend daaru party (because, duh!). And yes, we even gave the senior management a piece of our minds (nicely, of course!). To uplift our design game, we have turned into AI tools, getting better and cooler ideas to satisfy the clients’ needs and carry them forward with more intriguing tools. 

Why? Because at OMLogic, these chats aren't just a fancy cultural thing; they're, like, mandatory. Although we do believe in the modern world, we do consider everyone a human being who can't function properly if they are feeling unheard. So, getting things off our chests before the new year is like hitting the refresh button on our work family. Oh, and did we mention Navita Ma'am's dessert? Forget store-bought treats; this was homemade magic that had us singing like sugar-high karaoke stars.

So, cheers to Day 1 of OMLogic's Potluck Palooza! A wholesome day to the fact that good food, good company, and even better feedback can work wonders for the creative souls. Stay tuned for Day 2, where the Ads, SEO, and Admin teams take the baton (and the ladle) and prove that even their cuisines can top the search results for ‘best food near me’ if done the right way! Until then, keep calm and curry on!


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