10+ things only one CEO can pull off!

on Sep 29, 2019
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In a world where digital agencies keep flourishing and flopping...what sets us apart? People? Clients? Vibes? All of these certainly! 
But if we look closer...you’ll see him standing there. Smiling!
The *funny man* who’s been sailing our vessel, quite steady and strong. As we rejoice recalling the good, bad, ugly moments of 10 years,  we can’t help jotting down these utterly stupid and special things that only he can pull off!
@KapGup: For once, stay chup and read on! This is for you. :)   

  1. Promotes cycling, drives a Merc
    Yep! That’s Mr. Kapil Gupta. He takes up causes quite passionately but fails to acknowledge the fact that we are watching him all day, every day. Hellow! Why would you ask the world to cycle (and toil) to work daily while driving a Merc yourself? That’s so mean. So #BeingHuman, isn’t it?
  2. Pedicure + Manicure at work
    Chipping nails in public. Who does that? For all we know, no CEO would do it, at least not during office hours, and not in front of everyone. But then, it’s him! He is never conscious to chip off nails or clean his cuticles or leisurely repeat both right in front of our eyes….eeeks, yeah!
  3. Betting: His side business
    Every boss has his own secret sources of investment, shares, funding and returns. What makes our boss different? Well, he’s fond of generating instant funds by on-the-spot bets with any and everyone at work. ‘Skip junk food for a week to win.’ ‘Reach office 5 minutes early for 10 days to win.’ ‘20 extra push-ups every day to win.’ These bets (smartly targeted on the most gullible lot) range from simple to-do tasks to toughest challenges crafted with such dexterity and precision that the world already knows who’s gonna win. Free meals, beer, cash and whatnot. He keeps betting and winning to our plight!
  4. Dresses like he’s heading to a beach party - EVERY DAY!
    The most casually dressed of all the employees is the BOSS. Beat that!  With shorts and chappals his everyday style staple, we are often  hesitant to present him as the CEO in front of our clients and on digital media. Wonder if he wears a suit while going to bed. Just in case, you know!
  5. ‘Kaleshi’ and how!
    Of all his guilty pleasures, this one surely tops our list.
    Mr. Gupta absolutely loves to make (and then watch) two people fight. When he’s not gymming, betting, eating or sleeping at work, you will spot him working. Working to provoke people and eventually cherish them arguing at length. If you happen to raise guns at him, he’s always ready with his pet play-safe reply, “Main toh kabhi kuch kisi ko kehta/karta hi nahi hun”. KG= Kapil Gupta? Nah! Kaleshi Gupta!

    Shelling done. Wait up!
    Read ahead to know his other side.
  6. Bossy? Not at all!
    Commit a blunder, he’ll face you with a smile. Don’t feel like working, he’ll let you while. Awful lunch, he’ll order you a meal. Sudden heartbreak, he’ll get you a beer for free!
    Far from being bossy and way more entertaining than Kapil Sharma, our Kapil is a jolly good pack of fun, energy and positivity. Less of a boss and more of a buddy, he’s the one who unites us a family.
  7. Has an eye for pretty faces!
    Well, who doesn’t want to work with beautiful souls? And what if these souls have pretty faces too! We (especially the guys at OML) are indeed thankful to Kapil for hunting and hiring so many of these wonder women...crème de la crème, you see! More benefits? The office looks pretty (visit us on Friday eve and drool over the sight!), guys take fewer sutta breaks...they choose to chat-and-work more, the overall environment is always LIT in general no matter what’s happening in the UN general assembly.
  8. A boss in need, is a boss indeed
    He is available, accessible and affable!
    From settling a tech glitch (which is not really his forte) to resolving executive concerns to winding up bulk CC in no time...he is always there to help. One thing that rules his book of life is ‘See everyone smiling at work come what may,’ That’s the reason why he goes over and beyond to help and cheer everybody. And we totally love him for that! 
  9. Yes to party whenever we say!
    We seldom plan, yet we always party! That’s how we roll, guys.
    He’s always gung-ho to have fun, and we are never short of reasons to party. Killer combo that gets us going. Break the blues with gulab-jamun and jalebi, mid-week samosa brunches, beer parties on Fridays, late-night escapades at secret addas, surprise dinner at work (where meals are exclusively prepared by Kapil), and the baap of all...1st October party! They say work a little and party more. We say don’t wait, just keep working and partying...hand-in-hand!
  10. He’s the ‘logic’ of OMLOGIC!
    When nothing seems to work, he will ignite a spark that we happily hang onto! 
    And more often than not, in the current dynamic agency culture, we just need that little flicker of joy and hope which can fuel us for days to follow. He is emotionally strong to calm our volatile selves; he’s brutally honest to give us a reality check; his genuinity, groundedness and sense of logic are the biggest motivators for each one of us.

Packing the sweet nostalgia of our bond with these beautiful lines:

*He's got jokes & a million dollar style.
A stage & a story he can make the crowd roar.
Yea he sure knows how to make a man smile.
He'll put on a wig, or he'll dance a jig.
& everyone for miles
Come to sit & laugh when the funny man ... Smiles.*


Who is the "Gunda & Gundi" at OMLOGIC? -10/10 The Next Digit !


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