10 WOW Cream-of-the-Campaigns!

on Sep 21, 2019
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While we have done some tremendous work over the years, we thought of sharing the 10 wow campaigns that truly stand out! These campaigns have been selected based on the innovation in the idea, the impact they caused and the fun we had while doing them. Please note, we are not supposed to talk about some of these campaigns (sh…..) but we are overjoyed with our 10-year celebration and if anyone asks, say that the writer was doped while writing it along with the person who posted it.

  • Nirbhaya (Delhi for Women Safety): We started this campaign day after the famous Delhi gang-rape case. It was perhaps the first time we did a campaign for us, not for a customer. It was our need, not our CSR. We have always taken pride in being an unequal opportunity company (women being 50.01% of the dominating force) and this incident hit us hard. Mostly because this was the first time it felt like it could happen to one of us. The campaign went on to become something of international interest. We, along with numerous other entities were the unknown faces holding the torches that blazed perhaps India’s biggest social media revolution till that time. One of our posts got 25K shares and 300K likes on a 50K people community with zero ad-spend. Pretty amazing!
  • Yatra Cricket Manager: 2011 cricket world cup! Yatra.com gave us a single line brief ‘Associate Yatra.com with cricket’ and that was it!
    What do cricketers do the most? 1. They play cricket; 2. They travel; endorsements being a distinct 3. And we conceptualized Yatra Cricket Manager. A game where you become the manager of Team India XI and are responsible for taking the team from location to location while they play matches. Interesting situations were added, like a player keen to have his parents join the game. Also, a morale and fitness meter was added to generate additional engagement. It was perhaps the first of its kind game in India when it was launched in 2011 and was built in under 3 months.
  • HBoo7.com: Promote James Bond (you can’t say James Bond, it’s owned by well James Bond) on HBO for a 21-movie Bond festival. We brainstormed and said ‘Bond has been promoted to death along with his gadgets and the ferocious yet weird villains). We began our campaign with Bond Girls and came up with a microsite called HBoo7.com. The microsite had profiles and quirkily written content for each of the Bond girls. To promote this, we did a virtual ramp walk at 3 pm on HBO India Facebook every day. The result – 76K followers in 5 weeks. In 2012, it was a freaking big deal.
  • Delhi Loves Buses: The year was 2013, BRT was on the verge of being dismantled and we were asked to run a social media campaign to prevent this. Our conclusion, you can’t say BRT in Delhi, it’s a taboo. We started our campaign with a theme called Delhi Loves Buses, “remember the time you were studying in Delhi University and you used to go to college in U-Spl buses and ogle at this girl if you are a guy and guy if you are a girl? That’s Delhi Loves Buses”. The campaign was super fun, engaging and a huge success. Of course, it didn’t stop BRT from being dismantled.
  • Match Ka Mujrim: Our fascination with Cricket has only increased over the years. Cricket is a very funny game, and the ardent passion and religious fervour with which it is followed in India makes it even crazier. Think about the last match you followed and who won your team the match. Pretty easy. Right! The one who scored a century or the one who took most wickets. Now, think of the one because of whom your team lost. Who lost your team the match? We realized it’s amazing how different people have different answers to this seemingly simple yet significantly engaging situation. The one who scored a century and threw away his wicket to the one who dropped a catch. With this, we started a Facebook game (Yes. They were a rage back then!) where you get to choose the person who lost you the match and then in an online version of water gun game, decide how you want to hit the person (eggs, shoes, tomatoes). And you also get to score runs if you succeed.  BTW, we used the same concept for a dictator who took out his predecessor over gun-point and it gave you democracy points. Didn’t stop the dictator but the campaign was super.
  • Predict the Stock Index: This one was a rage when we did it.  In 2010, we did a campaign for a finance industry customer (Mansukh Investment) who was providing Demat accounts to its customers. And we launched a campaign for you to predict the stock index closure every day. The closest (+/-) won (with real cash). The campaign had a fairly large regular set of players. Note it’s 2010, this game is happening on the wall and we are far off from Facebook Apps.
  • Feku Express: The year is 2013 and we are the official social media agency for Indian National Congress (INC) for the upcoming 2014 national elections. BJP was all guns blazing with Modi Ji ready to launch his national campaign from Hyderabad. Shah Rukh was the talk of the town with his upcoming movie Chennai Express. And voila! We came up with Feku Express, a perfect response to the Pappu jabs our customer was facing. It was funny, it was viral, and it was on all TV channels for 3 days. Every word of our microsite was analyzed in far more details than we ever conceptualized it. Dear election commission, it was literally done with zero ad budget spend. With Feku Express, we certainly won the battle but lost the war.
  • Unfix or Vivo PowerPlay: Cricket is not just a religion for us, it’s a source of business. In 2014, we created a predict-and-win game for cricket. You could play this game while watching the match on every ball, every over and every important aspect of the game. And when our customer Vivo became the official partner for IPL, we forcefed (literally forcefed) the game to them. The result was amazing. 460K game plays with zero ad budget during IPL. There were 2 people sitting through the entire match updating questions with every ball of every match for the entire 7 weeks of IPL.
  • I am a Thaparian too: While Thapar Institute, Patiala has perhaps been the most joyous customer of our journey (second only to HBO), this campaign had a special meaning to it. The problem statement was a hitherto non-digital problem. How do you retain more students who have taken admission and support them in choosing Thapar Institute above others where they may have deposited fees too, and also increase the presence with others who are still sitting on the fence deciding which institute to take admission in. Essentially, while the form sales are great, it doesn’t move the dial till it converts into admission. We created a shareable interactive microsite and sent SMS/Email/IVR to students who had taken admission. Result: 80% of students logged in and 25% of students shared on social. Amazing!
  • Efluencr: Conceptualized in 2014 and still not complete, Efluencr was created as a stakeholder amplification platform. Efluencr provides a completely new category of media for brands called as shared media. This explored media is an innovation achieved by converting & empowering friends/family of the brand (employees, distributors, retailers, franchises, etc.) to become digital ambassadors for the brand and help increase the digital share of voice. We have used it for numerous customers across the years and are revamping this to the next version (to be LIVE before the end of the year). The stakeholder amplification tool aggregates and displays selected brand messaging on a self-refreshing interface and let's efluencr members click to share on any of their personal networks. Isn’t it amazing? Alongside, brand-heads, administrators and social media agencies can filter and channelise the curated content onto dynamic timelines. Encourage employee participation through gamification, track content diffusion and garner more social media impressions. Wish to garner more information, check out the tabs below for more clarity.
  • MadOnAds: Last but not the least. The campaign and the concept that we to-date consider as the best conceptualization from the house of OMLogic. Yet, the campaign which we just haven’t been able to make a success with. In 2012, we came up with a unique concept called MadOnAds. An interactive online video platform where you could provide your expression through emoticons embedded in the video player. Essentially, you are providing feedback in every frame of the video. It could have revolutionized ads industry and overall video industry. It could tell what worked and what didn’t without having to use neuro-hemets. It could help Arnab select which commentators work. Could be used by reality shows to screen. The applications could be numerous, funds available to check NONE!

Who is the most Backchod in OMLogic? - 10/10 The Next Digit !

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