Top 3 Reasons to use LinkedIn Answers

on Sep 22, 2008

LinkedIn Answers is one of the most powerful and under utilized Professional Networking tools available today. Here are my take on top 3 reasons to leverage LinkedIn Answers.

1. FREE Expert Advice: Obviously, the most common reason to use LinkedIn Answers is to get free advice. Almost contrary (you still need to put effort to ask the question ☺) to “there is no free lunch”, LinkedIn Answers offers an awesome opportunity to get valuable answers from experts. So far, I’ve asked 4 questions on LinkedIn and without exception I’ve always received tremendous response from industry experts. My recent question “Are you a blogger? Did you reach your 100th post milestone?” has already received close to 30 answers.

2. Build Your Professional Network: Your participation (either asking the question or providing the answer) on LinkedIn Answers is guaranteed to support you in enriching and growing your professional network at LinkedIn. Coinciding with my asking questions on LinkedIn, I’ve always received invitation requests from other industry experts from across the world. LinkedIn Answers must have contributed significantly to my crossing 500+ strong professional network on LinkedIn.

3. Contribute to Your Network: Without this reason, the above two values offered by LinkedIn Answers won’t exist. Share your knowledge and contribute to your professional network by answering questions in areas of your expertise. You don’t just get the satisfaction of contributing to others profession but also stand to grow your network and take your expertise to the next level (teaching is still the best way to learn).

So, what are waiting for? Don’t tell me that you don’t have questions for which are looking at expert advice. How about experiencing the power of LinkedIn Answers yourself?

Please do add your reasons to use LinkedIn Answers.

For those of you who are yet to take the plunge on LinkedIn, I recommend checking out "Ten Ways to use LinkedIn" by Guy Kawasaki and "LinkedIn in Plain English' Video:

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