To Be or Not To Be Social

on Feb 01, 2012

Human beings are social by nature. They have always lived socially since their existence. Common interests and relationships bind them together. This concept of living together is very much inherent to their nature. And, with the coming of social media sites, this idea has reached an all together new level. Social media has enabled all of us to connect with society, regardless of time and space.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays almost everyone, from youngsters to oldies, is there either on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble Upon or Delicious. And, with each passing day this trend is growing further. This very increase in the number of individuals has also triggered businesses to go social.

There’s no denying the fact that most of the social platforms are goldmines stuffed with loads of target audience for various businesses. But, if a business decides to go social, they really need to think about two things.

First, the integration of social media marketing in the overall marketing plan surely requires some effort. Every business that decides to go social will have to be willing to walk that extra mile.

Secondly, where there are your potential and present customers; apart from leads there are also grievances and negative publicity! While you would have new target audience asking about your products and services, you would also have the existing ones registering their grievances pertaining to a bad experience.Social Media for business

Therefore, comes the question – ‘to be or not to be SOCIAL’!

While, the answer to this particular dilemma must be ‘to each its own’, the importance of social media marketing is something that cannot be denied. Its virality, reach and connect has made it an inevitable marketing medium. So, businesses actually need to be more willing to take the extra pain and be realistic in their expectations from this medium. It is no magic wand but surely one of the most effective ways to connect with your target group.

The stage is set and the chance to reap the benefits of social media is all yours…. All you have to do is DECIDE!

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