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on Nov 23, 2014
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Cough! Cough!

Before you join us in blaming the weather change for all the cough and cold around, let us clarify that we are only imitating our dear ex Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal. As famous or rather infamous he is for his constant coughs, he is also the brand ambassador of mufflers. And it was only normal for him to launch his Delhi election campaign with the hashtag, #MufflerMan.

It’s been 6 days* (*yes, including the weekend) and #MufflerMan is still trending on Twitter! We don’t know how happ-y, cold-y or cough-y Kejriwal would be on seeing the Twitter trend as he returns from Vipassna today but here is your dose of cough syrup...Err... We mean your dose of entertainment.

Have a dekho at some of the most engaging tweets doing the rounds...

Fear is indeed near!

We wished our Bai had such powerful Jhaddu! Sigh! 2 hafton se zyaada khahsi TB ho sakti hai! #JustSaying Can’t blame him! It took even Superman full length movies and numerous TV shows to realize ki yeh andar ki baat hai!

There, there, J.K.Rowling! Even God is terrified of #MufflerMan! Epic!

As Delhi faces re-election in another few weeks, we wonder how political parties would use social media, especially Twitter. We are definitely looking forward to a mega election fight and are hoping that the digital war gets more creative. Do let us know your thoughts on the same.

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