The Interesting World of ‘Pinterest’ – Training at OMLogic

on Apr 19, 2012

It was a usual day in the office and we were all completing our tasks at hand to make room for the

training session on Pinterest. Finally, all of us gathered in the conference room and were all set for the
training to begin.

I was curious to know about Pinterest & its advantages and it was after the training by the SMM Expert at OMLogic, that the picture got clearer.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words; Pinterest is a great tool to enhance the Social Media
presence of a brand, with the help of pictures. I was amazed to know that Pinterest is generating more
referrals than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube taken together!

The brand promotion using Pinterest is highly successful because it encourages users to link back to
image’s original source. Also, the brands can leverage Pinterest by adding the ‘Pin It’ button to their
websites, which would help the website visitors share pictures from the website, on their Pinterest

So, to me Pinterest is all about making your message and brand presence viral, through pictures!

There is much more to know about Pinterest and its advantages, and I would not like to write it all here
itself. To know more, you’ll have to check out below:

- Arpita Seth & Jitesh Pandey

   Team OMLogic

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