Take advantage of YouTube for your business

on Jan 31, 2010

Advantage of YouTube

Advantage of YouTubeTips and Instructions;

1. Don’t start promoting a video directly through ads

2. The best way to start promoting a video is to

respond your videos to other video, it drives traffic to your site.

3. Creating a playlist of videos are always the best option for getting promoted on YouTube. It shows that you are genuine YouTube users and is always active on making people interested.

4. Your Video title must be catchy like “How to”, “Do you”, “Are you” etc.

5. Description should be short and catchy, just not explaining the content carried in the video.

6. Getting Video Response is the key to success on YouTube. It will impact users, as this video is popular so is getting responses.

7. Do not take part in comments.

8. Reply to the mails on YouTube will get the subscribers in touch with you.

9. Make sure your Video is embedded on your website before uploading it on YouTube. The reason is simple after your video is viewed by the user, he automatically visits your website to find more info about you, your business and it will bring more visibility to the viewer.

10. Social Bookmarking has always been a great way to promote your video on YouTube.

11. Upload on as many video sites as you can but not more than a video or two in a particular day.

12. The best way to get featured on “YouTube Featured Video” is uploading the video at time when you think most of the targeted users are online. For e.g. I want to upload video for specially Indian targeted customers, then the best way to upload the video on YouTube is in between 6-9 PM. It’s the Indian prime time and most of the people want to relax and get entertained at this time. However, your video takes 48 hours to get featured on YouTube. It is not sure, that you will get featured but if got featured than, you should not like to missed the opportunity.

13. Don’t change the Title and Description of the video once posted, It will have a negative impact on Subscribers as when they will see the same video with different Title and description, they will get the impression that you are promoting the same video with different titles and making fool of your subscribers.

14. Like for your Business, your customers are GOD, same with YouTube, here your viewers and subscribers are good.

15. Joining the relevant groups on YouTube. It will help you get more visibility on YouTube.

16. Annotations are good for your business, but there should not be more than one annotation on a single video. I have got to learn this trick, earlier I committed mistake by embedding too many annotations.

17. Your video should end with an appealing call to end; asking your viewers to rate, to comment in the video is very appealing. The reason is simple you have to ask for anything to come to you.

18. Make friends on YouTube, It is a social Networking site and people want to interact with you.

19. Getting on top of search engine is the most perfect idea to get tonnes of subscribers and viewers, use appropriate keyword with the help of keyword tracking tool.

20. Don’t judge your video by Subscribers, as there are lot many people like me who often visits YouTube but don’t like to subscribe or comment. It’s good to get views and rates on people.

Take the First Step;

1. After uploading the videos you should not let people come to you and see, rate, fav, comment on your video. Initially, you should send your videos to your friends, colleagues, mates and other known people on Social Networking sites. It will be a lot better option to make them comment on your videos, the reason is simple, if you want to win the race you should have to get a strong start.

2. The most difficult part of getting popular on YouTube is getting initial views, comments, subscribers etc. The objective should be let other people know you are on YouTube and is a creative video producer. Therefore, use your channel link as email signatures and on other social networking sites.

3. Twitter is the best way to get promoted, by just tweeting...........NO. You should be direct messaging to all your followers a message and link to your YouTube video.

4. Make your profile on other games and make friends there; it can bring lot of traffic to your channel.

These are some simple steps to get promoted on YouTube. Make your subscribers happy to make, yourself happy!!

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