Social Overreaction – That’s The Rule!

on Jun 12, 2014

Be it Alok Nath, who is still known for his ‘aashirwaad’, Alia Bhatt who became ‘Bhatt of all jokes’ for lack of general knowledge or Sarthak Agarwal, the latest to join the bandwagon, the boy who scored 99.6% in the C.B.S.E. examination – All came to limelight from the dark shadows of oblivion. Thanks to social media!

The reason behind this is Newton’s third law which has undergone a digital makeover – “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction… Plus, a social media overreaction!”

So, some of the events that take place offline become a rage online. These are often seen getting translated into memes, trolls, virals, weird hashtags and endless Facebook updates.

Recently, the ‘Google logo change’ had become the talk of the town. We are sure that your social space must have been invaded by GIF images, quirky tweets, did you know posts – all these to show the minuscule change in the logo! The proverb ‘silence is golden’ just does not apply in the online world.

Overreaction is indeed the standard reaction these days. It is often displayed with high dose of sarcasm and Photoshop skills. The world is no longer capable of responding to a piece of news without flying into hysterics.

But even when most of us are reacting to everything in a wildly exaggerated fashion, it is helping a few others in getting that 15 minute fame and becoming a viral sensation. Memes and trolls can really work like anti-depressants at times.

Before we wrap up, we will leave you with some of the funniest memes doing the rounds... Agar inko nahi dekha toh ‘Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi'.

tiger-shroffalia-bhatt-gbu-7                       alia-bhatt-gbu-15



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