Social Media Marketing- Boon or a Bane

on Feb 07, 2010

“What the heck is this Social Media Marketing”?

Since, I am into the Online Marketing Industry; I heard this statement hell lot of times from friends, relatives, colleagues and professionals working in different domains.

Well, I am not considered to be a Social Media Guru nor an Online Marketing expert. I am just a common man who takes lot of interest in stuffs going around Social Media or in online world. There are so many blogs and articles written on Social Media that a common and simple man can get confused and would feel that it is not that easy to get into it.

Social Media has become a trend and every human being from school going student to 60 yrs old Businessman wants to get a taste of it. It itself created a lot of business opportunities to everyone. Social Media marketing brought people closer and business activities became more transparent than in any other form of marketing. Along with the prosperity it also brought lot of threats to the business as now you should expect your customers to be smarter than ever. They are closely monitoring you are your activities that a small mistake could turn into a blunder; take the case of Dominos Pizza, where two fools with a stupid idea destroyed the 50 years old reputation of the company in just 2 days with the help of just a 3 minute video clip posted on YouTube. This is the power of Social Media Marketing.

Social Media is a medium of communication in a more informal way and to make most out of it is really a challenge. Things are changing so fast in Social Media that you hardly get notice of it and so you lose advantage over your competitors. Social Media has brought the customers and producers closer with an always invite to competition. So, think and think again before entering into Social Media.

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