So how do you explain the benefits of the accurate Social Media for your clients’ business?

on Nov 12, 2008

Ask your client does he know why Barack Obama is the President-elect and Mccain is not!

If your client does know it, well, half your work is done and if he does not hmmm…you have a perfect playground to set your rules!

Strange it may sound, but if we trail the campaigns of both Obama and Mccain, one of the biggest differences that takes you where you least expect it is the effect of properly defined, structured and followed up Social Media. Obama’s campaign team leveraged the Social Media aspect of the internet so effeciently that Obama had a clear cut lead over Mccain online.

One of the best blogs on the internet which provides elaborat figures as to how Social media made all the difference, I found is:

NEARLY 6000% MORE PAGES ON Barack Obama’s website than Mccain’s.

Okay so lets dwell deeper…into figures…


Social Media Website Barack Obama John McCain % Lead Leader
Facebook 5,67,000 18,700 2932 Obama
Facebook Supporters* 24,44,384 6,27,459 290 Obama
Facebook Wall Posts* 4,95,320 1,32,802 273 Obama
Facebook Notes* 1,669 125 1235 Obama
MySpace 8,59,000 3,19,000 169 Obama
MySpace Friends* 8,44,781 2,19,463 285 Obama
MySpace Comments* 1,47,630 none listed 1,47,630 Obama
Twitter 5,06,000 44,800 1029 Obama
Twitter Followers* 1,15,623 4911 2254 Obama
Twitter Updates* 262 25 948 Obama
Friend Feed 34,300 27,400 25 Obama
Youtube 3,58,000 1,91,000 87 Obama
Youtube Videos Posted* 1,819 330 451 Obama
Youtube Subscribers* 1,17,873 none 29,202 117,873 304 Obama
Youtube Friends* 25,226 none listed 25,226 Obama
 19,692 14,468 36 Obama
Flickr 73,076 15,168 382 Obama
Flickr Photostream* 50,218 No Profile 50,218 Obama
Flickr Contacts* 7,148 No Profile 7,148 Obama

Search Engine Results For “Barack Obama” and “John McCain”

Search Engine Barack Obama John McCain % Lead Leading
Google 5,62,00,000 4,28,00,000 31 Obama
Google News 1,36,000 3,71,620 173 McCain
Google Image 2,42,00,000 86,20,000 181 Obama
Google Video 1,36,000 89,800 51 Obama
Google Blog 46,33,997 30,94,453 50 Obama
Technorati 4,12,219 3,13,497 31 Obama

Internet Presence For Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s Offical Websites

Internet Presence Barack Obama John McCain % Lead Leading
Google Pagerank 8 8 0  
Pages in Google 18,20,000 30,700 5828 Obama
Yahoo Links-Pages 6,43,416 5,13,665 25 Obama
Yahoo Links-Inlinks 2,55,334 1,65,296 54 Obama

So what do all these figures say? My client is getting confused!! What should I do?

Now you actually do not have to say much. Your client says he has multiple options in the internet domain who provide services at a lesser cost then why should he still go with you?

So its simple, either your client’s campaign could be Obama’s or Mccains.

What does this signify?

Well, in the Online Marketing space its not just the quality that matters, its also how well does your online marketing solutions provider (partner) understands your business domain. How well does he/she understands your objectives and goals and then charts out a workable architecture, that’s how you should choose your online marketing partner.

That’s our philosophy @ OMLogic!

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