Oriflame India Success – Being Social the Indian Way

Oriflame India Success April was a pretty month for all the girls at OMLogic. It had to be, we held hands with Oriflame India, a name known to offer the best of cosmetics, skin care products and toileteries! It was our chance to beautify the social media world of this beauty brand!

The biggest task was to attract the non-techies to the social media world! So, we unlocked their way with Oriflame India’s key belief, “Look Great. Make Money. Have Fun”! Since the past 4 months, it’s been a roller coaster ride with contests, games, videos, live tweeting, blogging and much more… And, we will not look back now!

At OMLogic, we walk, talk and breathe posts, tweets and creativity and the numbers are the evidence for the same. With 114,976 fans on Facebook; 2,736 Twitter followers; 165 circles on G+ and thousands of views on Youtube videos, in just a few months; Oriflame India’s online presence has come a long way!

Marketing is all about making people talk about the brand and we assured to raise that number by making sure that each post on Facebook is seen by at least 15,000 people!

Here’s a small glance at our 4 month long journey with Oriflame India! 

One thought on “Oriflame India Success – Being Social the Indian Way

  • August 1, 2012 at 11:18 am

    An enormous achievement for both in such a short while – Oriflame India as well as OMLogic.
    Congratulations to both, of course!


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