How to use LinkedIn for promoting your Business

on Apr 04, 2010

When I am talking about Social Media, particularly for the small businesses and for whom the time to invest in less and want to jump into social media quickly being on one or two social media site out of continuously growing social media tail, then I’d suggest them to try LinkedIn or Facebook, the truth is if I had to pick just one, LinkedIn would definitely comes first and I’d have a solid reason of recommending it.

Let me tell you why?

LinkedIn is one of the site that has different demographics than Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking sites. LinkedIn is a site that trends to get brushed aside in shiny and flashy world of Social Media. LinkedIn is a place to sit and realize it’s more than just another place to add friends and share photographs. Very little layout control, minimal advertising and organized like an address book.

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professional and business- oriented relationships. It instead helps you discover inside connections to recommend Job candidates, business partners, employees and Industry experts.

The first thing you should care about is creating a searchable public profile in LinkedIn. This Article will help you create LinkedIn account and get quality traffic to your site both from LinkedIn and Search Engines.

LinkedIn strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts by using “Build your Network” feature. The purpose is to contact people on your email address book and letting them know that you’ve arrived on LinkedIn. Once you completed inviting people to join you on LinkedIn, ask your staffs, employees, friends or colleagues at work to join LinkedIn and put links to your site on their profile. Ask them to use keywords liberally in their profile, thinking of it as an SEO page. Such that your LinkedIn profile may land business directly from the contacts you’ll make on the site.

LinkedIn is no doubt a powerful social media marketing tool. By using LinkedIn, you’ll have an option to promote your content through integrating Blog, Videos and PowerPoint Presentations. Use LinkedIn for recommending people for their work, sending messages to your connections regarding Job Openings etc.

Join the relevant groups; participating in discussions always brings prosperity to your business. LinkedIn Answers is a great way of getting your query responded by people in your network and also gives an opportunity to help your connection by answering their questions.

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