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on Aug 12, 2012

FacebookFor all those whose bread and butter is Facebook, it would definitely please you to know that Facebook has yet again added 3 new tools to make pages’ management easier and their marketing more efficient.

FB has added the following three tools:

Post Scheduling – What this basically means is that there is no more need to use third party apps to schedule posts that go on your pages. Facebook has now integrated this tool within its system, rendering management of page a lot easier than before. You can now remove and reschedule your posts right from the Facebook page itself. The only limitation being that you can only do this at a maximum of 3 minutes before publication. If you are into making last minute changes all the time then you will still have to stick to third party apps for the time being.

Unpublished Page Posts – What this basically means is that, the posts that are posted through this tool won’t be published to your page. In case you are wondering why would anyone want that? Well, this is in tandem with the sponsored posts feature that Facebook recently launched. These posts will only go to those users and fans who match the demographic requirements of the marketing strategy or particular campaign.

Page Admin Permissions for Third Party Apps – This is the third and final tool that has been launched. This tool will let the owner admin of the page keep full control of the page and give out much nuanced control, so that third-party monitoring or management apps are given just enough permission to do what they are meant to do. This is in contrast with earlier times when such apps were given end-to-end control.

Facebook has definitely come a long way in enriching user’s experience in terms of handling of their pages and it continues to evolve. These new tools are a part of that evolution and it is because of these initiatives that Facebook continues to be the leader in Social Media

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