Efluencr: Managing Perceptions Globally

on Jun 18, 2014

Social media is one area of business where you don’t need to outspend your competitors in order to beat them. – Jeremy Waite

Instead, you just need to outwit them in ways which benefit brands more creatively and seamlessly. That’s because mere engagement with your fans can never wholly suffice for community building. And when it comes to brands, ‘stable and increasing online presence’ holds paramount importance.

In the last blog we talked about the ‘Digital Divide’ and how it will help solve the business pain points in a smart way. As promised, here is the first in our series of platforms which will transform your digital presence into a Brand Evangelism Powerhouse – Efluencr! (www.efluencr.com)

Efluencr is a unique platform which allows the Brand to project the collective voice of their existing ‘Brand Evangelists’ i.e. their friends and family, employees, stakeholders etc, who are incentivised to promote the brand message online.


In the current mesh of social media tools and techniques, branding can never ideally be selective online. That’s where Efluencr comes into play. Efluencr is a synchronised and effective message propagation platform which helps brand monitor, upgrade and evaluate its performance online at a common platform. In this way, all updates can be viewed on a single dashboard and all actions can be predefined there and then. This simple and complete connectivity of a brand’s social extensions facilitates an effective manner of message propagation online.

The Brand can easily tell your brand evangelists what needs to be promoted the most and it becomes a 5minute job for them. From guerrilla marketing, you can now focus on pure evangelism. This also helps increase share of voice (SOV) online.

Consider a scenario where negative news is published about you with no comments underneath versus the same negative news with 20 positive comments by true brand evangelists. Now think about this across all platforms for both positive and negative content. Voila! Your job is done.

Reduced expenditure on Ads yet better reach, improved customer service, a higher retention rate of existing customers and faster conversion of prospective customers – this is what Efluencr offers Brands.

OMLogic has been successfully shaping brands since years. With the addition of this latest product, we now look forward to building a more concrete, holistic and strong community of brand evangelists online.

Visit here to know more about the platform: http://www.efluencr.com/

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