Bitten By the Netbook Bug?

on Nov 22, 2011

Planning to buy a new Netbook? Well, you don’t need to when you stand a chance to win one!

Yes! A brand new Netbook could be all yours! All you have to do is participate in the ‘Netbook Mania’ Contest and tell ‘How a Netbook Can Transform One’s Life’ through a story, image, video or presentation. The most creative entry will win a Netbook.

Since their inception in late 2007, Netbooks have gone through a myriad of changes and improvements. From being the little computing machines that lacked certain features, Netbooks have now become the power devices. So, it’s time we take notice of this tiny tech tool that’s making its way in to our lives, with each passing day!

OMLogic, the Online Marketing Experts, are out with ‘Netbook Mania’ Contest on their official Facebook page. Just log on to the page and send in your entries. The contest begins 8th November 2011 and is likely to go on for a few weeks before one emerges as the winner of a brand new Netbook, all for themselves.

So, for all those who love computer in all its forms, it’s time to show the world their love for the latest addition to the ‘wonder machine’ family!

Think, create and share! You never know, your masterpiece might fetch you the ‘tiny tech tool’! And, don’t forget to mention ‘Intel’ in whatever you create because that is the POWER behind Netbook. Just log on to the official page of OMLogic on Facebook and submit your entry for the contest. While you have all the time in the world to create your masterpiece, don’t be too late!

They say, ‘It pays to be creative’. And, here is your chance to get rewarded for your creative self.

So, let the Netbook Mania begin!

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