Apple’s new product on offer

Apple's new product
Apple's new product

Steve Jobs released his new product “iResign“… The product caused frenzy in the worldwide market, but caused Apple shares to tumble more than 5% in aftermarkets. The product is an auto upgrade on all current iPhone, iPad, iPod and all Apple Mac computers.

The new product is bound to have significant impact on the future roadmap for all apple products.

iResign currently comes with a patch called iTimCook. Every Apple follower is now looking for the upgrade of this patch with a newly expected iCEO product.

Companies like Samsung are very excited about this new product, since they can quickly develop applications on iResign on the same lines as Galaxy. There were frenzied parties in Google and Microsoft offices, and the local pizza delivery companies were kept on their toes.

This article has been written by iKapil, CEO of OMLogic, one of the top social media agencies in India. Bidding adieu to the greatest leader of the last 50 years.

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