How Your Brand Can Create Engagement on Foursquare

on Oct 20, 2013

Last week, we discussed why your brand should be on Foursquare. Once you are there, how do you create engagement?

Some of the ways to generate impressions and create engagement with your customers are:

a.      Share tips

Leave tips as status updates on your company page or leave tips on other’s Foursquare locations. The people following your page will see your tip, which they can like and save in their specific list and your tip on other’s location will be visible to those who check-in to that location. Below are two snapshots of tips. In the first, The Oberoi has shared this tip on their page and in the other one HDFC Bank has left tip on 1 Cafe Lounge’s location.

Share Tips

b.      List option to improve reach

Create lists, which your followers can save from their profile. See the lists created by MTV and number of people who saved their lists.

List options to improve cash

c.       Offer Specials to your patrons

Foursquare “Specials” are discounts or freebies which businesses use to persuade new customers and regular customers to visit their venue. Nowadays, some businesses are leveraging this platform very nicely to increase customer footfalls. They are displaying a Foursquare sign on their door or window letting users know that there is a "Special" at that particular venue. Here’s a screenshot of a special offer by Chicago Pizza.

c. Offer Specials to your patrons

d.      Add your menus

If you’re a restaurant owner then Foursquare has got something very special for you. They recently added the menu feature for restaurant businesses. So, now you can upload your menus on your Foursquare page and let you customers see the delectable delicacies offered by you. I haven’t seen any Indian restaurant adding their menus on Foursquare though; putting one screenshot so that you can take a look how it appears.

Add your menus
Image courtesy: Foursquare blog

Click here to know how you can add or edit your menu on Foursquare.

For non-restaurants, they will soon be rolling out new features, using which, businesses will be able to add their services and its prices.

e.      Recommendations (explore section)

As mentioned in the beginning, 10 million non-members are coming here to seek information about venues so now it is becoming a very hot destination to get recommended. People are now using it to get personalized recommendations. Take a look of their new “explore” section and its various categories.


Do share if you find the information useful. :)

-Contributed by Neha Jain

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