Careers In Social Media: For those who can ‘Think’

on Mar 19, 2012

Statutory Warning: If you are born with a silver spoon, this article may harm your ego :P

Are you having a large set of friends over various social media platforms? Everything you put on these networks gets ‘Viral’ immediately? You spend more time writing Facebook posts than solving questions from your syllabus? Have your friends titled you as ‘Socially Outcast’?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ then you are most welcome to the world of Social Media and if your answer is ‘No’ then dude you better go looking for some other career option!

What Is Social Media?

Social Media CareersSocial Media is any platform, software, tool, community and technology which is used to launch a product, generate ideas, drive sales to online stores, create a community around a brand or carry out online reputation management.

Why is Everyone Getting Social?

With India emerging as one of the fastest growing nations on the Internet & Social World and also with a large ratio of youth in the population, no one wants to miss the piece of the cake! Every company which is associated with youth in any manner wants to get in touch with them at a place where they spend most of their time. The fastest way of conversation nowadays is ‘Social Media’. It is best used to build awareness and create buzz around new product launches. Social media has been defined by the companies as a low investment, high ROI tool which also leaves a greater and long lasting impact on the minds of users. Now you can see a ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ logo on almost every biggie’s advertisement. Not just businesses but various non-profit organizations and movements too are preferring social media (Remember the Anna Hazare campaign?).

What Is The Job?

At the entry level, the role of a social media executive includes:

  • Assisting in planning, managing and implementing the various strategic social media programmes.
  • Participating and initiating conversations across different channels.
  • Consuming, creating and sharing relevant content with internal and external communities.
  • Monitoring and analyzing conversations, social media activities and sharing the impact through reviews and reports.

Observing and assimilating trends in social media, tools, technology and applications and appropriately applying that knowledge in on-going/future campaigns.

That’s the initial role; anyone can define their career path once they get into the organization. A lot depends on what you want to do and what is your area of expertise. The industry is so new that many opportunities lie undiscovered. There’s vast scope to grow either into a digital planner or as a business development executive. These are just stepping stones towards higher positions.

 Qualities needed to get a job

One must have a passion for the topic or cause and for social media itself. The biggest thing which can work as a plus point for anyone is that they need to be friendly, patient and responsive. If you are creative and detail oriented, and willing to mesh your personal life with professional life then social media marketing is surely your cup of tea. If you have the hunger for getting latest news from different sources and have the ability to implement it in your routine work, you surely have a great future in this field.

Jitesh Pandey

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