We Drove Them To Success

on Mar 14, 2016
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We had our hearts & souls into making the digital ride for Delhi Waveriders an easy and joyful journey. From brewing ideas over hundreds of coffee cups to staying awake for countless nights, we gave in ourselves to the spirit of the game & the deserving team.

Hockey India League 2016

An eclectic mix of online and offline activities along with sheer dedication from Team OMLogic had the Delhi Waveriders become the favorite team at Hockey India League 2016. No No No! It’s not us. The DWR Fans have said it, time and again.

From promoting the game to talking about glorious past we did everything that could initiate conversations. The team had an enormous fan following that would engage with us on all social platforms and shower the team with their best wishes & love. Banking upon the immense likeability for the team & its players we took the emotional route. For they say, ‘we figured the true fans would find about it’. We shared everything that a TRUE FAN would want to know or would already know about the players.

In the journey to success, both the team, Team OMLogic & Team Delhi Waveriders pitched in their 100%. While the team managed to qualify till the Semi Finals, it definitely succeeded in striking a chord with the already existing fans & building a true community of new followers.

They say ‘Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn’. We’ve grown, learnt and accepted all that came our way! Team OMLogic & Delhi Waveriders had a seamless collaboration and we look forward to similar exciting projects. We wish Delhi Waveriders a very successful year ahead!

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