on Sep 29, 2020
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Another year older, wiser and stronger, OMLogic is ready to enter the big 11 this year. Yes, we’ve almost made it through the near-apocalyptic 2020 without much fuss, sticking around with our kind of gusto, grit and gang (some old, some new)...all sealed tight like happy little guinea pigs, frolicking fine at a fancy new corner right in the middle of the green-Old Delhi corridor!

On 1st October 2019, we celebrated a decade of our existence with some fun revelations of top 10 goof ups, top 10 clients, top 10 moments, and all that defines our forever-active top 10 mood. This year, as we add another 1 to the existing 10 years, we are covering an extra mile of success, spirit, innovation and happiness.

Not denying, Covid has tested our tenacity of grappling with everything odd, uncertain and unreasonable. At the same time however, the last 8 months have also been extremely remarkable to shape and synergise our potential as a team to foray into new, innovative and never-thought of horizons. Here’s a rundown of how we have evolved over these months, working remotely yet innovating every minute across a variety of verticals.

  1. Streamlined Process: Even though digital is a 24*7 industry, but for ages, we have had a stringent office policy of working for 10 hours and then retiring in peace for the day, but during the lockdown, we ensured that ‘everyone is available every time for everyone’ irrespective of their teams
  2. Bring New Faces: When the whole nation was facing a financial crunch, we ensured that the existing team of OMLogic stays put, and we add more people to the family. During the 8 months period, we maintained the recruiting process with the help of video/voice interviews and hired more than 10 people across all teams
  3. Changing Roles and Responsibilities: It doesn’t matter which role you were hired for, if we see potential in you to extend your knowledge in different areas, we are happy to unfold new opportunities. FYI: Our HR can crack killer copies and our videographers can keep fussy clients fully happy!
  4. Innovation: When the whole world was at a standstill, we put our magnificent brains to develop two high-end,innovative solutions for the digital industry. pragatiE and OMLYTICS will change the way you look at events industry and social media analytics. Stay tuned!
  5. New Home: We are excited to celebrate the approaching winters and the New Year at a new address that’s sassy, suave and super spacious. You can spot us happily placed at two different floors now, munching scrumptious Mughlai savouries every now and then...we couldn’t have been any more ecstatic.

Stable every second, and speeding every hour...there’s lots more to be unlocked!
Ride along as we jet into 2021 with a bang!

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