The World Re-divided

on May 13, 2014

The idea of classifying people and placing them in definitive groupings has been around for hundreds of years. Attempts have been made to classify people into colour, gender, country etc. But looking at the current trend of digital domination, it is safe to say that it has acted as a great unifier by providing a platform where businesses have flourished, individuals have gained profits and the world overall has been entertained. And this is precisely the reason why we started re-thinking about the division of the world.

The Digital Divide

But before we take credit for making your life simpler, let’s figure out as to why this re-division is really required.

Let’s start with a basic question – Why do brands go online?

To create Brand Evangelists. And, the focus is on continuously trying to build customers and prospective customers that engage with the brand. While doing this, the Brands completely ignore the existing and true evangelists i.e. their employees, channel partners, friends and family of the brand. These are the people who are incentivised to talk about the Brand, to promote the Brand attributes online and if need be also take a bullet for the Brand. (Well, don’t search through your junk yard and flip through the job description and your job offer now! This is what we call reading between the lines!) :D

But, these existing evangelists are clueless, doubtful and suffer from lack of time and hence add no value to the Brand’s online presence.

The logic that most of the Brands miss or rather ignore is to use the power of their existing brand evangelists and increase their share of voice online. By doing so they not only make their customers/potential customers comfortable with the brand communication but also win their customers’ hearts, thereby, retaining almost all of them and in the process creating evangelists out of them.

Therefore, after lots of research, contemplation, arguments and disagreements, we have finally decided on our reclassification of the world – ‘Be’s’ and ‘Should Be's’ i.e. stakeholders (employees, channel partners, friends and family of the brand) and the customers/potential customers. While the former are your ‘Existing Brand Evangelists’, the latter fall in the category of ‘Should-Be Brand Evangelists’.

This re-division of the world helps solve the business pain points in a smart way! You no more look clueless in the digital world. Also, with this re-division, you step into the digital world with a force that helps in quick, easy and efficient promotion and propagation of your brand story.

So, if you want better reach, more engagement and more fan base then this re-divided world is for you! Watch out for the next blog where we will unleash the first in our series of platforms which will transform your digital presence into a Brand Evangelism Powerhouse.

We think this reclassification will change the digital world forever... Will love to hear your thoughts!

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