The Art Of Customer Seduction: How To Make Customers Love Your Brand

on Jul 23, 2017
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In this digital age, love and attention are the two most expensive things. To expect your customers to like your brand and further interact and engage is similar to praying to the rain gods in the Sahara. Customers today are spoilt for choices and brand loyalty is gone for a toss. If you don’t win that hamper from Decathalon, you always have the option to participate in online contests hosted by Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Woodland, Reebok, Adidas and so many more!

The other reason is that all brands look and talk the same! In this cluttered digital environment, it is difficult for brands to stand out (or they have simply stopped trying). Imagine this – from Tropicana to Fresca to Minute Maid, everybody says the same thing – we are 100% fruit-based. Or better still, remove the logos from all the real estate ads – now, can you make out which property belongs to DLF, which one belongs to RPS, Unitech, Wave and Ansal?

So, brands, it’s time to pull up your socks and also your digital marketing game! Here are few tricks to master the art of customer seduction. If you do it right, you might just end up with a few dozen brand loyalists and that makes all the difference.

Have a Brand Identity

Your social media marketing includes a post or two on Facebook, few conversations on Twitter and some campaigns on Instagram. This used to work few years ago but today the digital world demands more than just some (random) creatively led campaigns. Digital marketing needs to start with defining the brand, what message are you looking to promote in digital, who are you looking at promoting your message to and the most important one – why will those people care about your message?! Within this framework, also define the tonality of the brand – you cannot be arrogant one day and warm and approachable the other. Keep consistency in messaging, tonality and overall content themes to clearly define what you stand for. If you are a travel brand that stands for happy travels, then please for the love of god, don’t paint the digital town with ads that shout out cheap travels.

Be Human

Chatbots and automated messaging modules if not enabled with intelligent machine learning can turn out to be extremely frustrating for your customers. From tackling online reputation issues to ensuring 2-way communication, ensure that you converse as a brand. By all means, use technology, but use it well.

Be Honest

In the digital world, where customers often hold the brands for ransom, it is important for brands to pick their battles. Ignore the trolls, respond to genuine rants/feedback and accept your follies. After all, stupid is what stupid does!

Be Topical

Also known as Moment Marketing, it is about creating relevant connections in real time – when a customer reacts to a TV series, news event or even trivial things such as weather change. The ability of the brands to take advantage of trending news and packaging it appropriately for the audiences can completely change the game. Do it only if you can deliver quality message in a short turnaround time. You definitely don’t want to cut a sorry figure later.

Last but not the least, remember, digital marketing is not random messaging. Leverage the platform to deliver quality and unique messaging and you will have customers for life!

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