The 25th Edition of NASSCOM India Leadership Forum

on Feb 21, 2017
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NASSCOM India Leadership Forum (NILF) is no doubt the largest gathering of best minds in the technology sector. This year’s edition was all the more special as it was the 25th year of NILF. 25 years! 25 years of working together with technologists and industrialists to not only keep up with the trends, but also analyse, predict and empower each of the associated entities to take India forward, together. With NILF, NASSCOM has proven that it is one of the very few platforms where optimism, cynicism, realism and imagination co-exist only to steer the ship in the right direction, inspiring millions.

The agenda for this year was ‘Re-Imagine Not Re-Engineer’. The intent was to present rich case studies on how global and Indian companies are leveraging technological shifts and how the technology provider’s ecosystem can be a disruptive partner.

Some of the highlights of the 3 day extravaganza were:

  • Automation, virtual reality and augmented reality are no longer mere buzzwords. They are an advanced function of technology with the capability to change the game of digitization as we know it. Are they the new disruptors? Absolutely! But the need of the hour is for service providers to look at these as tools for innovation, which would help them elevate user experience, succeeding in turning the problem on its head. Don’t fear them, embrace them – the mantra that will lead the house of innovators and disruptors.
  • Stop worrying about the rise of machines leading to unemployment. Stop asking ‘Is it man vs machines or man and machines?’. These questions might fuel some of the ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ sessions, but they for sure will alienate you from reality, which is that almost 50% of our workforce is not re-trainable. The idea is to focus and fix this issue to increase productivity.
  • Machines or robots work on the data they are fed with. Ensure that this process is done in an intelligent manner and you would have increased your efficiency by atleast three times. With the advent of artificial intelligence, there is a need for humans to evolve too, for humans to increase their biological intelligence. So let’s put the man vs/and machine debate to rest once and for all because more and more humans will turn into robots and more and more robots will turn into humans. Confused? Well, hold that thought till 2025!
  • If digitization is considered as the 4th industrial revolution that will change the world, then FinTech (Finance Technology) sure will be the engine that drives it all. With its capability to impact economics, this space can put India on the global map. Going cashless is just the beginning.
  • In a room full of technologists there exists a dire need for collaborations; Collaborations not only with other companies or platforms, but also with marketers. You need this to take your awe-inspiring stories out - Stories about your technology or product changing lives, curing cancer or making healthcare affordable to all, for example. They say technology is art and science combined and storytelling is the ‘art’ part of it. Tom Kelly, IDEO, delivered the point aptly when he said that anybody who has to explain what faithfulness means to a 6 year old can do it by narrating the story of Hachiko. That’s the power of storytelling! It moves the hearts, stirs the soul and turns your audience into your evangelists.
  • Products are not bought based on utilitarian usefulness, they are bought based on experience and hence, design thinking should be applied to anything and everything from product development to brand experience to messaging.
  • On a lighter note, Trump could be a blessing in disguise. Stop fretting because he is not your President! His chaos making efforts will allow us to focus on India and make India great again!
Here are some of the best moments from the 3 day conference.

So, while you are inspired about digitization of processes, please do think about digital communications as a core entity. For each one of you looking at taking the brand’s presence to the next level, we would be more than happy to plug digital marketing and change your business dynamics, and we for sure won’t leave you wondering about social ROI. For more profound debates, feel free to contact us! :)

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