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on Sep 01, 2015
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For those of you who went blind for a day, Google changed its logo yesterday and made it more cool. In this tech disrupted era where people browse on apps, platforms and devices, Google felt outdated with the logo meant for PC browsing only. This prompted creative minds at this world’s most popular search engine network to experiment with a new identity and hence, it rolled out Google’s minimalist logo. And, to make it more appealing and engaging, the search engine utilized it’s ever famous ‘Doodle’ in its coolest way possible. Have a look at this exciting visual presentation launched by Google yesterday.

And the response on this has been tremendous. Within the few hours of its seeding, Google’s New Doodle went viral, engaging the users in an interesting way. Many who noticed this change started tweeting and posting about their experiences looking at this imagery.

With this, the famous search engine giant has set the ball rolling for brands to experiment with the changing times and give users a great UX interface. Here are the key take away in Google’s new logo:

  • New logo is typeface sans-serif, which makes it more cool than before
  • The new logo is better synced with Alphabet, Google's new parent company
  • The new logo shows better visibility in smaller screens, which is the mobile push that Google has had for sometime now
  • the tiny 'g' logo or favicon has now been replaced by a multi-colored capital 'G'
  • The new logo is smaller in size, 305 bytes versus 14000 bytes, which means Google is living by the reduced size lesson it teaches the world.
  • The ‘e’ tilted upwards with a finger guides users to look up for a touch-friendly design
  • Many users are finding Google’s ‘e’ similar to the smiling-e used in Heineken.
How can we miss this out? The ‘similarity’ of the #smilinge also caused social whirl. Heineken’s epic tweet featuring its colour washed logo was the most appropriate response to Google's tilted 'e'.

For years, we have been perplexed by how anal brands get while thinking logos. It all seems to be changing now. Social Supremo is taking over. Someone would have been fired to play with the colors of the Heineken logo earlier, but now its the most appropriate response to Google's tilted 'e'

This made the new Google Logo’s launch more interesting and talkable.

Quite recently, Facebook changed its logo, which went unnoticed by many. Though there was a striking change with the new font usage, still the new, minimalist avatar of this social network’s logo didn’t create the desired buzz. Or didn’t get the people talking. Or BOTH.

We shared our thoughts here. Now, it’s your turn. Share your views on Google logo with us!

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