Social Media Marketing aids in Relationship selling

on Jun 21, 2010

Social Media Marketing aids in Relationship selling

Your company’s success depends on a good sales cycle format. The pattern of sales cycle differs from business to business. So then, what’s the key to expand a business? Nowadays the online platform has a large number of people connected with each other. With the arrival of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn; the distance factor has almost vanished and people can stay connected quite easily. A traditional sales cycle looks something like this:

It is very important to use social media platform wisely to get effective results. Here are some important aspects of social media marketing.

  1. Listen

With the presence of such large audiences, one needs to observe and take steps accordingly. Like,

  1. Industry segmentation

Deciding the right audience is the most difficult part and also the industry which one would like to target to convey their message.

  1. Age group

Age group is an important aspect to be kept in mind to ensure that the message reaches the right audience.

  1. Area bifurcation

Which country are you targeting? And can you find the audience of that particular country in that particular platform?

  1. Engage

There must be a two-way conversation to build a good relationship with the person. Now engaging does not mean selling forcefully. It is very important to establish a communication channel. Social media is everywhere and one can stay connected & can even use their mobile phones to access these sites. Certain points you should keep in mind:

  1. Establish a valuable conversation
  2. Share meaningful stuff
  3. Use Photos/audios/videos, as it proves to be very effective
  4. Follow people with a good valid reason
  1. Respond

To create online presence is not difficult. What is more important is ‘how you react?’ Because when you respond in a right way, the cycle starts again! As displayed below:

How can we add Social media marketing in the Sales cycle?

Social Media

Lead Generation is a crucial part of a business. There are many ways to generate leads. Social media marketing can provide a lot of support in generating these leads. Every networking platform has its own uniqueness; it depends on how you use that platform to engage with your audiences.

To retain a client is always a challenge and there are number of ways that you acquire to maintain a good relationship. When you use social networking platform, it becomes quite easy to keep in touch every now & then without any hassle.

Things not to forget

  1. Say no to SPAM!

Sending links of your company can result in you being labeled a SPAMMER. It does a lot of damage to your reputation; your account may even get banned.

  1. Selling forcefully – not the right way.
  2. Engage a dialogue with the audience to the maximum extend.
  3. Be careful while sending out your marketing messages; revise it twice/thrice to avoid any negative feedbacks.

How can SMM agencies act as an agent?

In order to execute & regulate Social Media Marketing campaigns, one needs an expert in the segment. Experts who can analyze the current state of the company’s branding / reputation in the online world, assess their online reputation and, choose the right techniques to build the company’s branding and reputation.

Key aspects of SMM:

» Customer’s Business Model and Business Objectives
» Competitive Landscape
» Customer Segmentation
» Marketing Communication and Messaging
» Current Online Presence and SEO Compliance
» PPC Audit (if running)
» Conversion Analysis
» Measurability
» Website User Experience

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