Social Media Is Dead. Long Live Social Media.

on Feb 22, 2013
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The Industry published an article recently asking people to stop saying “social media”: Is it when it is so ubiquitous that the entire internet has a social layer, imposing its paradigms on every piece of content? Is it when we treat it as a given that the internet should be used for interaction as much as for broadcast? Is it when the internet is less about disassociated data and more about people?

Making sense of Internet:
Making sense of Internet: "social media".

Hhmmm… Alright... but the point is there was a need to make a distinction between the Internet of the old times, hence the term "web 2.0" which was essentially nothing different but a way to identify a new way of approaching the web. Same with "social media" which is used to make a distinction between older terms used to identify Internet based platforms. Moreover, "social media" in a way hasn't been taken on by a lot of web based platforms yet.

And as far as "social media marketing" is concerned, that refers to a selective set of mediums where marketing of a brand is possible in a social (read: content/conversation led) manner. Therefore, I will stand by the use of "social media"; though I sure am glad that someone is at least discussing the nuances of a term, thinking about it and dissecting it rather than merely accepting what is given.

What do you think?

- Nimit Kathuria, Team OMLogic

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