Social Media Day 2016!

on Jun 29, 2016
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We believe today is our day; A day to celebrate what we love to do! Back in 2010, Mashable announced 30th June as the official Social Media Day and we couldn’t be happier! It’s a way to recognize and celebrate the impact that social media has on our lives.


About half of our time spent surfing the internet is consumed by random scrolling of social platforms. In an era where we depend on Facebook and Twitter for our daily news updates, a special day to celebrate the existence of social media makes sense. Also, when you work in a digital media agency the celebrations become all the more meaningful/joyful.

Having said that, this morning while we were sipping our coffee, we pondered over what we as OMLogic have contributed to the social media industry. Specifically, what new terms we have defined in this sector over the last 12 months.

So, here is the updated 2016 social media lexicon.

  • Shared media:The digital world thus far was looked upon as owned media, earned media and paid media. We added a 4th element to it. Shared media - The power represented by the collective share of voice your internal evangelists (employees, distributor, franchises, net-net the friends & family of the brand) could generate is SHARED MEDIA. The key is to make is easy, effective and measurable for these people. Visit to know more.
  • Collaborative ecosystemBeing in social media, we sincerely believe that gone are the days of closed competitive economies. It is all about creating collaborative ecosystems. Win-Win for all involved! We implement this with our customers, our employees and with everything and everyone in general.
  • Frame by frame:Social media is quickly adapting itself to everything video. It is fast becoming the cornerstone of every digital strategy. But, how to measure effectiveness and ROI of video content is the question that is largely unanswered. This is where capability such that people can provide feedback on videos through simple click of an emoticon frame-by-frame becomes critical. Visit to know more.
  • Processized innovation:A flicker of brilliance, an amazing headline is what the marketing world has always been looking for. And rightly so. That message makes the TV ad or the newspaper headline. Though that flick of brilliance is still important, social with its consistent multiple times in a day messaging has given rise to a much increased importance to processized innovation. It is to ensure that brands are able to narrate a great story every day.

Over the years, we’ve cracked the code and given out simplified solutions like the above to those who wish to succeed with us. Let’s raise a toast to all you social media junkies. It’s your day!

Oh and don’t forget to thank us and Mashable by using #SMDay.

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