Quick Tips for Online Reputation Management

on Oct 12, 2016
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Have you ever Googled yourself?

Have some of the search results been embarrassing, something that you wouldn’t like yourself to be associated with?

This happens with everyone; be it an individual or an organisation. What you see in search results plays an important in the overall online reputation management and you got to ensure that it portrays a good picture. And to help you with that we have enlisted few online reputation management tips. Follow them and manage your online reputation like a pro!

Treat page number 1 on Google as your business card

First impressions count and we do judge many books by their cover! If the words “scam” and “rip off” are associated with your brand, then that is something you should definitely worry about.

Render great customer service

A happy customer is no less than an evangelist. If the focus of your business is to render best possible services, then you can keep the worries about your online reputation management at bay. Your online business profiles shall start to overflow with positive reviews in no time.

Publish quality content…lots of it!

You need to give people a reason to talk good about you and the best way you may do that is by posting share-worthy content. It could be topical, useful or inspirational; something that’ll help you, manage and monitor your brand and online reputation. The content should be about your business, the clients, the products, challenges and their solutions...anything! Remember, don’t stress only on text, use photos, GIFs, videos, e-books, podcasts and newsletters too.

Indulge into brand storytelling

Ever wondered why we love Google commercials so much? The reason is storytelling! Consumers love it if the brands build a personal connection with them. Be it revealing the company’s history, its mistakes or sharing the real life examples of how the company’s product or service has helped someone. Make sure you use a conversational and friendly tone instead of spouting confusing jargons. Humanize your company, leverage it to build better relationships with your customers and jump ahead of the competition!

Social media is powerful...use it wisely!

Now that Google allows Tweets to appear in search results, social media can have an even bigger effect on online reputation. For example, if there are just a few negative comments about your company, that may be the first thing prospects see when they Google your company name, instead of the all the good news you wish to share. Increasingly, news media are also picking up on social media posts. Your social media posts are not just for a chosen few; potentially everyone could see them, so whatever you say on these social media platforms matters to your company, your profitability and your reputation.

Monitor your presence & direct the conversation

Even if you’re not posting about your company, rest assured that others are, and you should know what they’re saying. For example, customers could be taking to social media in droves to complain about your customer service. If you were unaware of this, you wouldn’t realize how much the issue was affecting your reputation or that you needed to make improvements.

A guest blog can do wonders!

Writing an article or blog post as a guest can be really helpful. Start by following blogs and topics that are appealing or relate to your business and eventually pitch them an idea for a blog topic. This indeed is a great way to get links back to your website.

Make comments on forums & online communities

Follow interesting online sites, communities and forums specific to your industry. Keep a check on them and commit to make one comment daily to build thought leadership. Don’t forget to be engaging.

Build love for Google+

Although Google Plus is on its way out, it still can be helpful since it’s a Google property. Post and comment daily on the platform. Do follow influencers in your field and engage with them. Since it’s a Google platform, it will be indexed very quickly!

Give your employees an avenue to share content

great when employees have something wonderful to share about your company, and they should feel welcome to do so, but this must be accompanied by a clear set of rules, management oversight and consequences for any misbehaviour. Give your employees an easy way to share curated content through a platform designed for advocacy.

Some of these tips can be time consuming and can require special help. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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