Processized Innovation: Why Digital Agencies Should Care About It

on Sep 03, 2015
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Success is not about innovation. Success is not about process. Success is about process-ized innovation repeated time and again. This was the theme of the recent training session led by our CEO, Kapil Gupta.

We have long been known for our ability to deliver this process-ized innovation. While we have grown in size and abilities, we have tried to keep the balance. But, it’s now time to move the process up a notch. To that purpose, we revived the age old concepts of client servicing, social media postings, reporting, etc. through this exciting session that once again motivated the team to bring out and deliver the best to our clients.

The session began with a change in the definition of the role of CS from Client Servicing to Client Success. The key to being the kind of agency we have been (and want to be) is to have people who think Client Success. While reviewing our current approach and talking about the changes, here are some of the key learnings from the session.

Innovation Route

It’s About Business Success, Not Just Digital Metrics

A 100k strong and engaging fan base on social communities is useless if it is not aligned with the business objectives of the brand. We are not saying make social sale-sy, but, do keep an eye on the business goals of the client. Focus should be on strategizing the social media marketing in tandem with the overarching business aims. This is especially true while working with startups and smaller organization. A booming social community may not be of any value to a bankrupt client.

Confidence Building Measures – Iterative Growth

Success is the sum of details. So, while strategies, roadmaps and well-thought plan of actions are priceless, focus on the low-hanging fruits when work begins. For example, ensuring analytics and goal tracking is setup, ensuring basic hygiene on social media platforms, removing blatant typos from the website and other places, pausing totally not performing KW’s from PPC ads etc. This helps increase client’s confidence and sets the work tone right.

Benchmarking – Know How You Really Contributed

Before the kick-start of a new account, an in-depth analysis of the client’s digital history helps in the future to track our growth. Thus, do an effective reporting with qualitative and quantitative analysis of the work done and help the client identify how we have made a difference to drive business growth.

Customer Delight – Go Beyond The Expectation

To provide complete client satisfaction, work towards defining customer delight on the basis of the work done and the actual expectations that the client has from a business perspective. Ensure to keep up with the benchmarks set by the clients and make a difference to the overall growth.

Remember, its social media. So, plan well, expect the unexpected, be on your feet all the time, breath every once in a while and keep learning!

PS: Happy working! J

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