Oriflame in Limelight!

on Apr 06, 2014

Working in a Social Media Agency means witnessing instant feedback for the work you put under public eye. A very enthusiastic social media team at OML works for Oriflame and they love to get reviews on how they are doing. So, here’s how 3 reviews done by ‘Social Samosa’ were taken by them.

Oriflame’s social media presence has grown immensely over the last two years, with new campaigns on Facebook, the blog witnessing a traffic that was initially unexpected, a Twitter page where tweeple share their lovely feedback and hashtags that make it to trending topics in just 20 minutes of going live. With our team putting in generous amount of efforts in trying new concepts, language and strategies, it all paid off when Oriflame made a hat-trick on ‘Social Samosa’!

Being reviewed for its social media presence on the basis of recent campaigns and an overall approach on social, it was more than just a feature for the team that is always up with suggestions, advice and undying passion for the brand. It was no less than being featured on a page 3 column with our full sized photos, full names and no spelling errors. Considering Oriflame is a direct selling company and different from the regular league of cosmetic brands… The brand is all about looking great, making money and having fun at the same time.

Oriflame India Sentiment

The team is ecstatic, convinced to make amendments and expand the brand’s overall presence on social for the months to come. One of the biggest learning’s was to never be afraid of trying something different. For instance, we did a #Selfie campaign on Twitter which didn’t go trending but was very carefully noticed by the team at Social Samosa and hence the brand made a space for itself amongst 4 brands across India who did campaigns around the selfie trend.

Oriflame India Contest

That being said, at OMLogic we are convinced and enthusiastic about doing more and more campaigns for all our clients to make sure they make headlines and so do we.

Team OMLogic


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