OMLogic’s SEM Success Story for a B2B Business in the Making

on Jul 15, 2008

Challenge Client was facing:
In Nov 2007, a leading IT Services Company contacted OMLogic to support them in increasing the number of relevant leads they receive from Online Marketing efforts. From last 2 years they had been trying out various options to achieve this objective. They also outsourced online marketing to other digital advertising agencies. As a result, they were able to increase the traffic significantly but there was no improvement in the number of relevant leads received every month. To achieve the next level of growth they were looking for some organization to help them in increasing both the number as well as the quality of leads.

Our Analysis:
We started working with them in clearly defining all the customer segments they were targeting and the value proposition offered to each customer segment. We audited the user experience for each customer segment individually. As a result of our analysis, we concluded that the existing keywords were not targeting the relevant traffic. Moreover, the landing page communication was confusing and it was not taking care of all the customer concerns.

Our Solution:
We picked up one customer segment for which online marketing is most aptly suited for lead generation. Customer segment was “Companies looking for Staff Augmentation services.”

We worked with them in identifying the right message for their value proposition and supported them in designing the whole marketing communication as per the identified message including text ads, image ads and landing micro-sites.

We reworked on the search profiling, identified new set of relevant keywords and introduced images ads supported by Google content network campaign.

We launched the new campaign in February and achieved exceptional results within the first month of launch. Overall traffic grew by 255% from the google search network alone.

Moreover, with improved messaging we were able to maintain the same lead to traffic conversion for the increased traffic. The number of leads increased to 2.5 times the initial level in just couple of months.

With our improved measurability, we were able to analyze all traffic and concluded that the content network was generating irrelevant leads and we stopped it completely, which significantly increased the overall ROI.

Next Challenge we are working on:

Currently, we are dealing with the challenge that the leads generated from online marketing are from the small size organization. The client wants to move up the value chain to large deal size leads. In order to take care of this concern we are launching another marketing campaign suited for high-end customers.

If anyone has any suggestions in this regard, I will appreciate if you could pass on your comments.

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