on Apr 24, 2014

A right brand story is the foundation for any brand’s marketing strategy.  The emotions that a consumer feels when they hear a brand name is a result of the connection they feel through years of storytelling. The story is more of a relationship building exercise with the consumers.  It’s not telling them who you are, rather telling them that you are there for them, helping them, exciting them and engaging with them in a very unique way.

We at OMLogic attempted the same for Oriflame by creating a property called Beauty Diaries

The strategy was to share the passion for beauty and fashion with the womenfolk out there and get them to be regular visitors of the site to get their dose of beauty, fashion and entertainment.

In the initial phases, the blog had 300-400 visits per month, which have now touched 4,124 as of March, 2014.

Beauty Diaries Traffic Growth Chart

Over the past years, Beauty Diaries has told the Oriflame brand story by creating genuine content around beauty, garnering genuine visitors on the site. Posts like ‘After Holi: Nails, Skin and Hair Care’ or ‘Bridal Lehangas: What to look for?’ exemplified the right content at the right time with the right stuff.

We ran a campaign called ‘Hot In Spring’ on Facebook and Twitter and supported it with posts like ‘5 Spring Trends To Don This Season’  and ‘5 Colours to Don this Spring’ , giving the users fashion and beauty ideas for the spring season.  We posted about ‘The Rage Behind BB Creams’  as we launched the BB cream on Facebook and Twitter. We specifically reached out to all the Oriflame consultants by dedicating them a post on Women’s Day: ‘Woman of Substance- Oriflame Consultants’.

We created a passionate character called ‘Sassy Sasha’ as the blogger for Beauty Diaries which added to its vivacity and she posted 4 times per month so that the visitors are never starved for content. We regularly shared the posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and got a total of 1457 social shares in the last six months. The top 15 posts on the site received a total of 17,016 visits in the last six months!

 We continue to tell the Oriflame brand story by helping the target audience with genuine content along with selective messaging for the brand. We integrate it with our social campaigns and leverage from the traction on Facebook and Twitter and vice versa. The blog is a unique example of a web property created and managed by OMLogic that makes the user to keep coming back, purely for the content, thereby giving the right mileage to the brand at the same time!

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