New Year but same Client Tantrums: From a Social Media Manager’s Desk

on Dec 31, 2015

As we wrap the beautiful year 2015, let’s raise a toast to all our lovely brands. You make us! You inspire us! No denying that someday we want to punch you in the face but there are times we want to shower you with all the love and affection.

If you’ve worked in an agency, you will know there are some thing which our beloved clients just can’t get enough of and if you’re a Social Media Manager, please grab a box of tissues; we’re about to say your heart out!

Copy? Really? You want us to copy? Please, let us do what we do best. We trust our Content Writers.


For god sake! Spare us the horror of finding that ‘SOMETHING’.


Because Mark Zuckerberg would love to do it!


The George Clooney of all tantrums!


Virality is no McDonald’s ka burger; you can’t get it just like that. Upar se budget constraint bhi toh hai!


Phew! Somebody please pass a tablet of Disprin!


We tweet all that’s relevant for your brand. You’ve got to trust us please?


Just a sec! Now dialling...Mark Zuckerberg!


Ye sun ne se pehle main marr kyu nahi gaya?


*Gets up, jumps off the building* Videos ka album? Kya aap real hain?


Selective budget constraint is a thing!


Dear Social Media Managers, we feel you bro! But the best part is you ensure timely delivery of quality work amidst all such chaos and much more!

PS: Boss if you’re listening, ab to salary badha do yaar! :D

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