Moment Marketing: Be Topical But Don’t Get Carried Away!

on May 04, 2016
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We belong to ‘live-in-the-moment’ generation. We create, consume and share content at such a pace that there’s barely any time to pay heed to anything that doesn’t relate to us. We’re looking for instant gratifications, on-the-spot answers to everything that rules our mind during ‘that moment’. We’re losing patience and that is causing massive troubles in the marketing paradise.

While some brands have beautifully adopted Moment Marketing or Adapt Marketing to tackle this issue, others are still struggling to crack the code.

Moment marketing refers to creating relevant connections in real time when a customer reacts to a TV series, news event or even trivial things such as weather change. It is the ability to take advantage of any event and being there where the consumers are with the correct messaging.

Marketers are now in a unique position to create and circulate content that is most relevant and relatable to their target audience without being preachy or braggy. While every other kind of marketing stresses on planning before executing, Moment Marketing is more reactive and topical in nature.

A Facebook post or a 140 character tweet if wielded right can grab enough eyeballs to make a brand the talking point. Festivals and other national holidays are great events to play your marketing games but some other ‘occasions’ that your TG cares or talks about are your real Moment Marketing playgrounds. Moment Marketing is a major fail if the marketers do not understand their consumer behaviour, let alone leveraging it.

Very recently, Game of Thrones aired its 6th season and the internet went on a frenzy. Some brands like these got it right and others forcefully fitted the hashtag in their tweets. Marketers need to identify and analyse the relevance of a topic to their product and take a call on the participation bit.

Marketers need to ask themselves the following questions when trying their hands at Moment Marketing.

Can I deliver in time?
Turnaround time is the key in this game. If you think your agency can deliver the creative in 10 minutes - go for it! If it can’t, just let go! If you miss the opportunity window, there is no point flooding the hashtag. A saving grace here could be harping on your predictive skills. Marketers should always be on their toes to harp on such opportunities and get things moving within minutes. Classic example Amul!

Does it relate to my brand?

Just because everyone’s talking about Game Of Thrones doesn’t mean your clothing brand needs to be a part of the on-going trends. Ask yourself whether you brand is cool or young enough to talk about GoT? Does GoT concern your audience? Will your TG engage or relate with your content?


Can I deliver quality?
A forced ad copy or an unnecessary tweet doesn’t add to your glory. It damages the brand’s reputation immensely. Its quality or nothing!

Do it only if you can ace it. You don’t want to cut a sorry figure later.
Moment Marketing is no child’s play but it is relatively easy if you get your audience right. Know what matters to you and them and it will definitely act as a strategic complement.

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