JUST IN: Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26Bn

on Jun 12, 2016

Some choose to make; some choose to buy and then there is Microsoft.


Microsoft has long been interested in the social game. It even tried flirting around with Facebook a few years back. And now, it has made a big play. The tech giant Microsoft acquires the biggest professional social network, LinkedIn for $26 Billion or $196/share. We think this is a great marriage. Where LinkedIn needs to figure out how to integrate more software and applications over itself and Microsoft needs to figure out what to do with all the software and applications.

LinkedIn shareholders instantly made 50% profit on the last closing price and a 100% profit considering the jump LinkedIn saw in speculation during last sometime. The staggering increase in share price has raised some eyebrows while the shareholders make merry of the profits.

Well, this isn’t exactly another story of a failing company being dismantled and absorbed by a giant. LinkedIn has enjoyed its monopoly in the market for a good period and shall continue to do so under the name of Microsoft. It’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft does with LinkedIn.

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While we’re still scratching our heads, have you got any idea of what’s coming next?

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