Have You Spotted The FISTorgy Effect Yet?

on Oct 19, 2016
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Did you know that the extra time customers spend in restaurants to click pictures is enough for selling 2, 25,000 McDonald burgers?

We aren’t kidding!

Reports suggest that people now spend 50 minutes extra at restaurants to click pictures, post group photos, food photos and selfies! Yes, you read it right!

Looking at this emerging trend, we thought of doing its naamkaran!  :)

We call it F(acebook)I(nstagram)S(napchat)T(witter)orgy! (FISTorgy)

We do get highly disappointed if our parties and get-togethers aren’t clubbed with a photo-op! No photo-op equals no new snaps for our cover pics and display pics! And that today is a cardinal sin!


With 1.71 billion monthly active users, Facebook always wins the race when it comes to FISTorgy. Believe it or not, on an average 60 million photos are uploaded on Instagram everyday and 90% of them cleave to our FISTorgy theory. Be it a casual dinner date, that long pending reunion of batch mates or something as big as a wedding...we have FISTorgy playing its part. Don’t we? And, that’s how millennials operate and it’s completely fine...it’s our way of life! We are a fast generation after all, we click-post-swap in seconds.

FISTorgy is indeed taking over the world! So, the next time you take a photo before get-togethers and dinner dates; don’t forget to use the hashtag ‘FISTorgy’!

PS: Thank us later for coining the term!

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