Google Mobilegeddon - As you should Understand It

on Apr 27, 2015
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On Tuesday, April 21 Google introduced a new update, called Mobilegeddon. As monstrous as the name sounds, the effect of the new Google algorithm is to be as lethal for some.

The idea of the update is pretty simple. If your website isn't mobile-friendly, it would rank low in the mobile search results.

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Google has always strived to provide the users quality content. With Mobilegeddon though it is not only giving relevance to content but is also considering user experience.

For the mobile internet users, whose numbers are constantly increasing (India alone is estimated to reach at 213 Million by June 2015), it is a highly convenient change. Now issues like, text too small, page too wide, are less likely to bother the users who search on Google through their tabs or smartphones as the websites which haven't been optimized for mobile phones are not going to show in the top searches.

Initially, it is going to impact mobile searches for the businesses whose websites are not mobile- friendly. For those who aren't sure whether their websites are mobile-friendly, can take the Mobile-Friendly Test.

Although, this update isn't for desktop searches, it shall affect them in the long run. As the percentage of searches on mobile increases, there'll be less percentage of people who'll find you on the top searches, hampering your rankings eventually.

Although, it'll take time for the effects to roll out, companies which do not have optimized websites might want to befriend smartphones or be ready to lose out on a lot, in future.

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