Goodbye to the rat race!

on Mar 08, 2015
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Dear Facebook, do you hate us? That’s the question that popped in our mind first thing, as soon as we learned what it has been up to!

Here’s the big news: Facebook is cleaning up and deactivating all the inactive accounts as fans on your page. So, if someone liked your page and is not doing any engagement and hasn't been receiving your page post due to organic reach issue, chances are they won't remain fans on your page

Reaction of a normal person: So what?

Initial reaction of a nervous social media professional: My life is over! My clients will kill me when they see a dip in the number of likes!


That’s right; Facebook is acting up like that ex-boyfriend who deletes you when you’re inactive in their life. So what if you’ve spent some great moments together, he just doesn’t care anymore!

Thoughtful reaction of a good social media professional: Hurray! Thank you Facebook for making my life better! I will no longer need to grovel and compare myself to pages that spend money and buy likes with zero engagement. This is what will separate boys from men! We now will have the power to show what we do differently.

Initially, it will cause much dissatisfaction to the brand pages as their presence is a mere game of numbers in the social world. The brand pages will encounter a humongous dip in the numbers. The tough nut will be convincing and selling this story to the non digital savvy CMOs and Marketing Heads.

So far Facebook hasn’t outlined what is an inactive account, could be a period of 30 days or 30 months. We will update once there is more information available on the topic.

It is time for brand pages to be better prepared for this change! We can surely envision a lot of brands stopping the promotion or use of their Facebook page after seeing their performance in the new world of active only fans. But then, it will help brands have a better control on their social ROI.

We think it is a step in the right direction. What are your thoughts?

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