Demystifying Google Adwords Quality Score!

Google Adwords Quality ScoreDo you know that your Google Adwords campaign’s ROI depends significantly on the Quality Score? The quality score not only influences the amount you pay for every Click in your campaign but also determines the number of Clicks your campaign will receive.

However, the way the Ad Auction (Quality Score, Ad Rank, CPC, Ad Position etc) works is a complex equation. Watching this 9 minutes video by Hal Varian, Chief Economist @ Google will demystify the complexity. If you are really serious about generating high ROI for your Google Adwords campaigns, you can’t afford to not educate yourself on Quality Score.

In short, the Adwords Quality Score system is meant to serve all the stake holders of the Google Adwords ecosystem:

  • The User – to see relevant ads
  • The Advertiser – to display more and more relevant ads -> ROI
  • The Search Engine (Google) – to merry the needs of the User and the Advertiser by rewarding relevancy

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