Dear Startups, Don’t Go Social Unless…

on Sep 22, 2016
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Great products don't sell. Good products marketed well do! The success stories of startups such as Paytm and Airbnb make this fact even more substantial. And an important element in this is to have a great social media strategy in place. An effective social media presence can aid brands in creating meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers and prospects.

One of the problems with the Indian startup ecosystem is that people create technology and products and think that if the product is good, buzz and customer will happen on its own. This approach more often or not kills the ‘get big’ dream of startups. We discussed and busted this myth and much more at a social media master class in association with BWDisrupt led by our CEO Mr. Kapil Gupta to help startups get on the right track.

Here are the key takeaways of the master class.

  • All decision making is random. Marketing is about leveraging that randomness for your association as a brand. A fair combo of art and science, hit and trial is what works.
  • Even before you start choosing the right channels, think of your business goals and objectives, and how social media can help achieve those. Also think of your target audience, and what kind of company you want to be on social media. Will your brand go for a practical, no-nonsense approach to social messaging, or would you prefer a more easygoing presence? Make your social media marketing congruent with your company culture.
  • Startups should focus on collaborative product development with their users, provide them MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and not a crappy product. They should ensure that they leverage social to get maximum feedback. In short they should channelize, learn and grow.

To learn more about what startups should do before going social, take a look at the presentation.

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