Data Misuse or Whining: What’s the talk on Cambridge Analytica

on Mar 21, 2018
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So, we’ll just spell it out right away:

All this cribbing and whining about data misuse is stupid and extremely immature.

Yes, we said it.

Let’s expound on the issue.

Well, it is not a secret that political, especially election campaigns are based on some or the other propaganda, each one of which is aimed to resonate with the audience. Propaganda has been defined as “the more or less systematic effort to manipulate other people’s beliefs, attitude or reaction by means of symbols”. It is created and flouted around to make the audience, the voters feel that the party is connected to them and understands their pain points. Be it regional, local, or even religion-based, every agenda is curated to instil- ‘we understand you’-‘we will provide you remedy’-feeling. Fear and hate have always been the most important emotions.

And Cambridge Analytica just beat all the psephologists at their own game. It is amazing how everyone keeps talking about being a gracious loser, except when they are the loser. And this is a classic example of that.

This entire uproar has made us ask the question:

Should we have some controls and levers built around it?


Should we blame an organization when such regulations are not available?


We, at OMLogic, managing digital political election campaigns for the last 6 years, have been trying to do what Cambridge Analytica did, at a smaller scale, with much less expertise. And you know what, we see nothing wrong with it.

Dear Cambridge Analytica, Dear Facebook, we at OMLogic, stand behind you.

Dear Donald Trump, you were elected by people of their own choice, whim, courage or stupidity. But you were elected fair and square.

We, as a system, do have a few questions to ponder around data stealing and privacy. More on that later.

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