9 Types Of People At A Creative Agency

on Apr 25, 2016
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Creative agency – a place where madness runs in the LAN cables, creativity spills out of coffee mugs and every nook and corner is occupied by a unique mind. Here is a list of the ‘unique ones’.

The Artist

He is the one who gets the creative party started. You toss a brief and he brings up an artwork you simply can’t say NO to! Bearded look, ciggies and swag are the basic characteristics of this one.  Call him with any fancy name Art Director, Graphic Designer, Head Artist or whatever, the agency runs on his creative blood.


The Smoker

The go-to person when anybody in the office needs a lighter! He is the one who will have more cigarette packs in the bins than used tissue papers. ‘Bhai ka break up ho gaya’ to ‘Aaj kaam karne ka mann nahi hai’ to ‘Let’s brainstorm some ideas’, he will have endless reasons to smoke one.


The Number Man

While you and I run on food and coffee, this guy lives on excel sheets. Tightest of budgets, craziest of targets and ever changing algorithm of our beloved social platforms, he will be the Knight in shining armour you have been looking for. This guy definitely has a way with numbers! Without him none of the monthly reports would make sense to the client. Thank you Mr. Analyst!


The Hungover

This one who is usually zonked! The new kid or the 40 year old who had a rough night; he can be anyone. Just smell around, is he the one next to you? He has drank more Neembu Pani’s and Red Bull than you can imagine. Next time you’re hungover, please seek advice from the expert.

The Grammar Nazi

Vocabulary sharp as a knife and accent that of Queen Elizabeth, this guy is toughest nut at the agency! You may hate him for trashing your content but isn’t that how you learn?

PS: Thank him if you know the difference between ‘your’ & ‘you’re’.

The Social Butterfly

The who’s who and what’s and where’s; she knows everyone and everything! The latest gig in town and the new Instagram hottie you’ve been stalking; she’s a step ahead and has deets of everything. Her phone is ringing continuously and you can’t help but be jealous of her popularity.


The 'No Nonsense' Guy

This one plugs his earphones and zooop; you don’t feel his presence. He always carries the ‘I mean business’ look which freaks you out most of the times.  Always on time, meeting deadlines and delivering par quality work, this guy is a gem!


The Style Guru

It’s a girl most of the times, but men could be swanky too! While you’re tripping in your PJs, she’s spilling sass around the office. Keeping abreast with latest trends in fashion is her hobby. Makeup, shoes, hair, every freakin’ thing so on point!


The Boss

Wherever you work, there’s always that one set of eyes drooping with sleep but still buried into the laptop. The throne master is the same everywhere. Thank you Boss for bearing with the crazy lot and signing the cheques of course! :)

Tell us which of these is you and don’t forget to tag your friends. In case you don’t ‘fit’ into these, tell us what we missed out! :)

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