What The Chicken!

on Nov 20, 2012

Gold glitters and gold sells,
Diamond is rare, richer it smells!
How about chicken..?
Tawa, Kadhai, Afghani or Roasted… smells great at fair-share price and tastes even better!
But then, it’s got life and we are predators in disguise…!

Silly it may sound, this is the steaming thought that ignites many-a-controversies time and again (not to forget the recent mention that “non-vegetarians easily cheat, tell lies, they forget promises, they are dishonest and tell bad words, steal, fight and turn to violence and commit sex crimes“). Vegetarians, aka ‘Vegans’ of modern times are attributed this sudden-new ‘dev-like’ avatar of preaching and practicing simplicity by eating all that looks ‘green’ or all that’s not really capable of running away from them, to be more precise!

They spare Chicken, and that’s heavenly! While those who eat the same, considerably famous as ‘Non-vegetarians’ bear the brunt of their ‘eating choices’. They are violent because they kill and eat. They are dishonest because they cheat good fat hens by overfeeding them for healthy future stock. And, mind you, non-vegetarians are promise-breakers, they broke their long lost promise to Mother Earth of staying in peace with one and all!

While some of you may raise brows at such stupidity, I won’t flinch a second at raising this debate at international level. Will you raise a chicken, or even feed one, had it not been for its growing demand?

To start from the grass root, just try planting a single edible root on icy-cold regions anywhere in the world. Or if that fails to click your minds right, you might as well try working on mega-life projects somewhere near Mars or Jupiter. Because, you can’t really restrain three-fourth of the world population from staying alive… just because of your ‘Save The Chicken’ Mission. More so, when these are the people responsible for feeding, rearing and saving chicken to a large extent.

Nature created man and man made laws. Early man came earlier, and survived after to question his sense and sensibility. Had it not been for his struggling and wild instincts, probably, we would have been a rare species watched over by grinning hyenas and chipmunks at the zoos! My point being, killing just kills, it never supports. And, fighting for survival is the law of nature. Eating chicken is no violence. Eating your neighbor might be one!

On a serious note, chicken or poultry farming is a booming industry in the current scenario. Try demolishing one link of this big chain, life of millions is at stake. Just like wheat is cultivated and milk products are processed, chicken is reared to nurture, nourish and support many.

Many tribals feed on spiders, snakes and other reptiles. Still, there’s no recognizable industry in the same line. Just because chicken is the lifeline of a majority of population all over the world, it is absolutely indispensable from the present times.

The question of vegetarians versus non-vegetarians is baseless on such parameters. When chicken-lovers don’t enforce anti-veg practices, what’s the logic of going against them? It’s similar to mocking a lefty just because he can’t write with right, like most of the guys. His convenience is downgraded in the garb of misplaced indifference.

My attempt to end this debate in the most ethical manner…

As long as it’s fine, everything is settled. Green looks good only when it’s not envious. While, all the vegetarians can eat, and grow and enjoy green, they can even spare that special munching delight of many a chicken lovers as the they lick their favorite chicken tikkas off!

Disclaimer: Mr. Kapil Gupta acknowledges that vegetarians have their place in the world, but he anyday prefers being 'chic'kened. Please be advised that the views and opinions expressed in the article above solely belong to Mr. Kapil Gupta and OMLogic holds no responsibility for them.

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