Don’t underestimate the power of a common man!

on Dec 10, 2013

So, we have become a democracy now. Let me put things in perspective.

Indian democracy has so far been elected and influenced by people who don’t know any better. As I mentioned in my last piece, only people who voted were:

  • Very poor – Who are always occupied in the fight to earn a basic livelihood and have no knowledge of democracy and/or growth. They are simply swayed by false promises and are often bought by money, alcohol or other immediate material gains. If it’s all about providing basic food to people, then shouldn’t we simply go back to being an agricultural society, close most of the industries / growth vehicles and live happily ever-after (I thought that’s post retirement) :P
  • Very rich – Who don’t need to worry about the plight of the common man. They are only worried about how to become richer.

What is very interesting about this combo is that it becomes the breeding ground for corruption, with no accountability and ownership of the true democratic system.

Doing a basic analysis of why the middle class did not vote will fall into the following categories:


Herein lies the opportunity for any political party now:

  • Increase the percentage of people who vote
  • Increase the percentage in this category who vote for you through:
    • o Changing public perception where needed
    • o Handling all queries and people’s perceptions
    • o Promoting the party, key ministers, stakeholders
    • o Promoting people participation in your campaign. Real social media activism – ala Anna style

Remember, negative info flows faster than positive – time to take the mantle and spread positivity.

Handling negative news as it comes in becomes a matter of utmost importance. We need to face heads-on, the challenges , whether it’s a corruption scam, news about snooping or an Operation Bluevirus.

The voting percentage should go to 70% nationally now. A decade from now this will be called the biggest civil revolution in the world. Like Bapu’s independence, it will be ahimsa filled but unlike Bapu’s independence, it will leave the people much more empowered (Netaji style).

I can say on my part that, OMLogic, for one, will ensure we are part of this change. Part of the new India.

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